1. Training of Theatrical Instructors

Training of Theatrical Instructors

The workshop “Training of Theatrical Instructors” concerns the edification of instructors through the theatrical practice “Theater of Research” by Fanis Katechos. It is a series of bio-courses during which the participants create their personal toolbox and consequently their own system to lead and work with a set of people through the theatrical process.

More specifically, in the training of theatrical instructors the practitioners:

– Learn and practice in well-known theatrical methods and techniques (techniques of Jerzy Grotowski, Odin Teatret, Tadashi Suzuki, Susan Batson, techniques of mimicry, theatrical clown and theater Noh), in practices and techniques, that apply in theater (ground acrobatics, yoga, qigong, juggling – handling objects of skill), but also in techniques of Research Theater.

– Discuss and formulate the Code of Conduct that they need to follow as educators and that needs to govern the learning experience.

– Through practical and theoretical stimuli and instructions, they learn to organize and apply the acquired knowledge of their education.

– They learn the variables that define their system (time, space, number, multiculturalism, gender, physical, emotional and mental state, etc.) and how to be flexible and adapt it in each conditions.

The workshop is referring to directors, actors, dancers, performers, teachers of all levels and specialties, students of theater schools, higher vocational schools and schools of visual arts, social workers, students and professionals of the exact and theoretical sciences who want to apply the theatrical process  in their industry.

The aim of the training is for the participants to acquire a multidimensional view of the theater and to be equipped with the appropriate tools, in order to create a personal practice – method based on the theater that they will apply effectively to the groups they work with:

– Theatrical groups Students of theater, dance and other performing arts

– Students of theoretical and exact sciences

– Children and Youth

– People with disabilities

– Immigrants

– Refugees

– Groups in social structures (e.g. prisons, psychiatric hospitals, etc.), health structures (e.g. hospitals), professional structures (e.g. companies) etc.

Rapporteur: Fanis Katechos

To attend the seminar it is necessary to make reservation!

Tel. contact: 6973597570