1. Acrobatic Dance

Acrobatic Dance

The course of Acrobatic dance is a different kinetic approach to the basic acrobatic tricks, adding flow to the combination of movements.

During the lessons we will research the kinetic vocabulary of contemporary dance and we will work on both the physical capabilities (technique, dynamics, flow, balance and acrobatics) as well as the expansion of our dance memory. The main purpose is to get acquainted with the different kinetic approaches acrobatics and dance, learning the techniques one by one.

The aim of the course is to find the mechanics of each movement and its possible alternations, to play with the limits of a three-dimensional movement in space and to develop a choreographically complex result from simpler acrobatic and kinetic materials. The courses will include the preparation of the whole body and the guidance of the acrobatic foundations. The course is referring to people of all levels.

Natassa Arabatzi

She was born in Komotini, where she started classical dance in 1991. She studied at the Vocational Dance School of Thessaloniki and at the Department of Philology (specialization in Linguistics) at AUTh. Attended the workshop of Vis Motrix (Konstantinos Gerardos) 2006-2009. She is also a founding member of the group Aniline Dancetheatre (Thessaloniki), since 2009, with performances and participation in dance festivals. She has apprenticed in Contact Improvisation & Partnering (Daelik & Delia Brett, Kirstie Simson & Christian Burns, Eckhard Muller & Daniela Schwarz, Yuya Fujinami & Emmanouela Dolianiti), Contemporary Dance (Alexis Tsiamoglou, David Zambrano, Ann Cooper Albright, Yan Evan , Hermes Malkotsis, Jorge Crecis, Tassos Karachalios, Christina Sougioultzi, Diego De la Rosa, Horacio Macuacua, Julyen Hamilton), static trapeze and ground acrobatics (Christina Sougioultzi, Antigoni Linardou, Camilo Bentlor,) physical theater (Eugenio Barba & Julia Varley) and stilts (Fanis Katechos). She has co-organized with the dancer and choreographer Irini Kalogira the “MY DANCE FESTIVAL” in 2016, 2017 and 2018, and with Vicky Angelidou the Pocket Dance Festival 2019. As an actress she has been awarded (second prize for female role) in the play “The Lieutenant” of Inismor “by Martin McDonough, (in the role of Married), directed by Spyros Athinaios (2017). As a dancer and choreographer she has been awarded together with Alexandros Gountinakis in 2017 for the duet “XXXY” at the Festival of the Fabrica workshop.


Course: Acrobatic Dance

Where: Fabrica Art Space

When: From Wednesday 12/1/2022 and every Wednesday 18: 30-20: 00

Reservations / information:

  1. (+30) 6983188790
  2. naspell.aniline@gmail.com

Cost: 25 € / month, drop in: 8 €