The participations of the 6th Festival of Handmade and Recyclable Theater!

The 6th Handmade and Recycled Theater Festival / 6th Handmade and Recycled Theater Festival starts in a few days with many artistic participations!

Find out here about the festival program:


I will go, will you go too?

Women of Color – Bow Theater Group // Theater (60 ‘)

How much can the past crush us?

A poetic, deeply existential thriller of emotional conflicts.

Two women, two sisters, Elli and Anna, in their attempt to escape from this something, the dark “past”, somewhere in their paternal home – or not.Two opposite worlds that find their meeting point in the memory and representation of their childhood. They cause, crumple, despair, reminisce, get angry, fall in love, die and are reborn from their ashes. Two beings, two opposing forces – the conscious and the unconscious.

And a path, this one in the dark fields of fantasy and repressed desire. Man’s fear of the unknown, the different, the uncertain. A struggle for survival. The redemption that comes through the other. A window to freedom that opens together. “It is a challenging work in terms of its subject and its handling, but it is also a poetic edifice almost geometric and musical. The use of language, the concoctions of rhythm, the lived time of the persons, the elliptical writing, the underground connections of the motifs, the associative connection, form a complete formation. ”

Costas Georgousopoulos, “The News”, 19-11-1984

The newly formed team BOW, with founding members Tina Tzatha and Kalli Kyriakou, begins timidly but also dynamically the first kilometers on the theatrical board, with the first work “Colored Women”. Members and contributors have common starting points and recruits. Most of them are young actors and artists who aim to develop a common language and course.


Starring: Kalli Kyriakou, Tina Tzatha

Photo / Video: Konstantina Mantzari

Poster / Program: Panos Geros

Stage Editing: The Team.

We thank Mrs. Parthenopi Bouzouri for her support and valuable help.

Where is Gondo? – Riscus Theater Group // Theater (15 ‘)

A study on Samuel Beckett’s work “Waiting for Godot”.

Two subjects in a timeless place where nothing happens. A spiral that starts from the unconscious and for a moment illuminates the meaning of the world? Or a perpetual cycle of life and death?

The subjects go from speech to action and from action to the sound landscape and then, through the authentic movement – a bridge that connects the conscious with the unconscious – they return to speech.

In the flow of action something “spoils”, something is inserted, like a dream, like a hurried thought that came for a while and is lost again in the flow. The stage space is deconstructed and redefined.


Conception – Direction: Maria Witchie Hatzi

Authentic Movement: Lamprini Georgiou

Parallel texts: Nikos Boukouvalas, Lydia Xourafi

Cast: Nikos Boukouvalas, Maria Witsi Hatzi

Group: Riscus Group Theater

Fairytale Words in the Scarf – Arnitsi Beach // Theater (50 ‘)

Were the moires old and toothless after all?

Did the fairy manage to beat the moon?

Did the mermaid find her brother?

Does Elia have a soul?

Ifigenia Kakridoni and Maria Terzaki narrated required information inspired by our oral tradition appearances were rewritten by Angeliki Darlasi.

A show with the appearance, search songs and questions that remind us of the requests that our grandparents used to say about the issues, requested information, every time we have, have, have, comfort, accompany and explain what fears us. Fairies, degrees, mermaids and ships were revived without our eyes from the mood of the five-syllable time, which flows like a river, dissolving with the different, with the indication, stopping honey in the image and the image I had to make.

The play is based on the fairy tales: Moires, To Petrokaravo, Gorgona and Elia, by Angeliki Darlasi from the series Stories of Modern Greek Mythology published by Metaichmio.



Ifigenia Kakridoni (narration, song, guitar, percussion)

Maria Terzaki (narration, song, oud, flute, percussion)

Stages: Apostolos Kakridonis, dolls: Ilianna Skoulaki, Maria Terzaki

For spectators from 6 to 106 years old!

The play is based on the fairy tales: Moires, To Petrokaravo, and Gorgona, the Olive of Angeliki Darlasi from the series Stories of Modern Greek Mythology published by Metaichmio.

All beauty must die: Hamlets + Ophelia (Shakespeare – Müller) – Hamlet Machine // Θέατρο (40 ’)

“All beauty must die”, “Hamlet + Ophelia” by Shakespeare to Miller

is a poetic work from the heart of ruined Denmark to the ruins of modern Europe.

Two different projects that meet and converse to tell the truth of two young people who tried

to escape from time, to compensate for the pain, to cut the systemic umbilical cord of the society

and fly touching the bottom of the sanctuary.

This was Hamlet, this was Ophelia.

A Shakespearean Hamlet and a Miller, claim Ophelia in two space-time dimensions before and after.

One the a-deed, the other the deed and that the connecting link: “it would be enough for her -only- if he had ever loved her”.

A second story is conceived in history, making place non-place, time not time,

pain pleasure, suicide cure and those lovers and co-travelers

to an endless destination without end – beginning.

The text as a unit is a journey of fragments, types, ideas,

from Shakespeare to Miller and from Brecht to Bread (…)


Text / Direction / Creative Conception: Amelia Eleftheriadou

Assistant director: Vangelis Rigas

Music: Dimitris Giannis

Lyrics: Magdalena Keramari

Photos: Amelia Eleftheriadou

Group: Hamlet Machine

Actors: Magdalena Keramari, Dimitris Giannis, Vangelis Rigas

As long as you live Fainou- Stefania Abraham // Puppet Theater (10 ‘)

Grandpa Charalambis conveys to us, with his dance, an ancient message


Directed by: Stathis Markopoulos, Stefania Abraham

Animation: Stephanie Abraham

Doll making and sets: Stefania Abraham, Stathis Markopoulos

Indonesian dance- Tamara Mladenovic // Dance (10 ’)

‘A traditional dance from Indonesia, from Bali. Indonesian dance is a very expressive and dynamic dance, with wonderful costume and quiet dynamic and nice Gamelan music.

Bali traditional dance has long been an important part of Balinese culture and has been passed down from generation to generation.

It is often said that drama is the preferred medium through which the Bali cultural tradition is transmitted. Balinese dances are so closely associated with Hinduism that many of them tell us important stories of Indonesian epics.



Conception- Interpretation: Tamara Mladenovic

Que me veux- tu ?, Alea Jacta est, A memory like me- Group without reason // Physical theater (60 ’)


Shadow- The part that blocks light.

Dark and hidden.

It hides in it repulsed feelings, those that either could not be settled or could not be dissolved. Many times you do not want to see them, other times you can not bear to hear them, pushing them into the safe hiding place of the shadow.

What if you are trapped on the dark side?

Que Me Veux-Tu?

“Under one mask there is another.

I will never stop revealing all these people. ”

Claude Cahun


Conception, choreography, interpretation: Myrto Mouzaki, Thania Thanou

Music: Aaron Martin, Zbigniew Preisner, flafur Arnalds, Morlaer


A world made with everyday and fantastic materials.

Persons and events that exist and do not exist.

Traces from before and after.

Eternal travelers on an endless return.

Stories of illusions and reasoning.

Mind and time set up a memory and strategy game.

Who determines the game?

Who is revealed in an instant?

Will he be the same until the next one?


Conception, choreography, interpretation: Panagiota Triantafyllou

Participating: Nikos Karapanagos

Music: Minas Emmanuel


Do we exist in our memories?

For those moments when you can not tell if they really exist. If they passed or if for some reason you remember that they will come. As if in every moment everything was done or nothing was done, without continuity.

Somehow, somewhere there, I exist too ˙ or at least I can feel that I exist.

In the memory.

There I met you and me.

There I grew up, transformed into every union, every conflict and repulsion.

That is where the agony of oblivion was born. The addiction. The loss.

Because there are some moments, without memory – and yet I still feel that I exist.


Conception, choreography, interpretation: Nikos Karapanagos, Ioanna Maccabei

Music: Neil Young, Murcof, A Silver Mt. Zion

Directed by: Antonis Koutroubis

Costumes: Olga Gerogiannaki

Editing of stage objects: Thenia Koutroubi

Farewell – Quo Vadis dance co. // Dance Theater (40 ‘)

The piece, after its presentation at Rouf’s dock, it’s time to go on stage, adapting, expanding and deepening both its characters and its drama.

Each trip offers a new beginning but also a closing of something familiar. Sometimes we are given the opportunity to say goodbye while other times we choose to avoid it, as a sign of the final end that we are afraid to accept.

But what happens during a farewell? Two people shared moments and now it’s time to tie them in their luggage and walk away from each other. For a while; Forever; Is it “goodbye”? Is it “I will wait for you”?

The track is a duet that deals with the moments of separation during their common course. Common moments that look like coincidences, acquaintance, selfishness, defenses and superiority, courage, adaptation and understanding.

It is essentially a philosophical inquiry into the different perspectives that each attendee has on the event. The audience sees the cinematic image “two people say goodbye, one leaves the other stays”. But the two protagonists have completely different perspectives, even though they experience exactly the same event. One will remember him leaving and the other he will stay.

What thoughts are going through their minds, at this small but so intense moment? How can the audience enter into the perspective of each protagonist and experience the atmosphere created by the farewell of the two? And finally, can the viewer relive his own separations for those small but so important minutes? goodbye… and I will wait for you…


Idea: Zafiria Tsirakaki

Choreography: Christos Santa Maria, Zafiria Tsirakaki

Performers: Christos Santa Maria, Zafiria Tsirakaki

Production: Quo Vadis dance co.

Parallels – Alexandra Costopoulou, Maria Moschou // Dance (30 ‘)

The butterfly phenomenon, in chaos theory, describes the sensitive dependence of a system on initial conditions. One formulation states that “if a butterfly flutters its wings in the Amazon, it may bring rain to China.” There are many different variants that express the same idea, that is, that an infinitesimal change in the course of events leads, after a long time, to an evolution of the history of the system dramatically different from what would have taken place if the change.

The conclusion of the butterfly effect, a term first used by meteorologist Edward Lorenz, is that a seemingly insignificant event can radically change the course of history, and we cannot know what would have happened without it. Also this -finally- so important role of the insignificant event can be known afterwards.

Can the butterfly effect be the source of inspiration for a dance performance that interacts with the audience? And how is a structured kinetic phrase influenced by the audience’s intervention in the plot, the layout of the space, the music, etc.?


Conception-Choreography-Performance: Maria Moschou, Alexandra Costopoulou

Drama: Adrian Kolaritz

Xanthi- Fabrica Athens Theater Group // Theater Performance – Work in Progress (45 ’)

From reality to myth. Where does reality end and where does the Myth begin? Where is the beginning of Falsehood and where is the Truth? Light gives life to the shadow of a harsh Dream and its reflection is reflected in a fluid world. Am I awake or dreaming? And when I dream how do I know I’m not awake? I do not want to understand, I want to feel. What is the difference between Life, Dream and Myth? Or rather where do they come together?

The Multiactive Art Group – Fabrica Athens presents the theatrical performance “Xanthi”. The play is a modern, theatrical approach to Plato’s Cave, based on the life of Xanthi, but also a deposition – proposal in the “political” theater.

With elements from the Theater, Bubble Performing and the Circus, a theatrical, visual spectacle is composed, where the goal is for the actor’s body and objects to disappear and what will be left is the vibrations.


Directed by: Katechos Fanis

Starring: Michaliadi Sarti Giovanna

Lighting Installation and Lighting Design: Lolos Stefanos

Production: Fabrica Athens Theater Group

Show me your ticket, let me tell you who you are- Katerina Adamara // Performance (120 ‘)

– artistic & theatrical performance with active participation of the public –

A ten-year collection of tickets from means of transport, spectacles and entertainment, museums and art exhibition spaces from various European countries but mainly from Thessaloniki, Berlin, Athens becomes the occasion for an interactive performance that will take part in the 6th Handmade and Recycled Theater Festival.

Tickets are scrambled, categorized and composed in a collage, a table of different colors and sizes of different fonts and paper textures, a patchwork of photos and illustrations, embossed codings, glossy stripes, barcodes, titles and names.

These important highly personal life scraps are exposed in public space challenging the boundaries of staff, private and public.

What do the tickets say? Which route do they reveal? What emotions and memories do they evoke? Tickets are small occasions for short stories, autobiographical episodes that bounce back as a memory. The narratives interrupt the main action but at the same time promote the overall plot. The goal of these narrative breaks from the main action is to interact with the audience.

With the active participation of the public, the collective creation is strengthened and promoted and the direct, unmediated dialogue between the participants who are invited to bring, show and stick their own ticket, to bring and tell their own stories.

Thus the role of the artist-creator / performer and the spectator is questioned, while the spectacle turns into an invitation for action, to laugh together, to remember the old, to find similarities and differences to create them.


Design / Implementation: Adamara Katerina, theater teacher-narrator

The Jaguar warriors show – Taekwondo Jaguar // Taekwondo (45 ‘)

Enjoy a taekwondo show with music and special costumes. This unique show depicts the important role that martial arts play around the world.

You will travel with the story of a small child, who seeks through the philosophy, discipline and magic that taekwondo hides, a better world.

During the show young and old athletes will demonstrate a variety of Taekwondo techniques and a combination of different styles of freestyle and non-freestyle as well as a choreographed exhibition of movements and acrobatics.

Calm & Strength Self-concentration & Accuracy Love & Light

Contributors: Coordination: Grigoria Petroupoulou

Research  Theater // Fabrica Lab – Fanis Katechos (180 ′)

Fabrica Lab and Fanis Katechos, as every year, organize 3 open and free research Theater workshops. Participants can attend individual courses or all 3, as there will be a connection between them.


Research theater is an idea. And what ideas are meant to be is done. It is the truth that we close within ourselves and that we desperately try to find in order to be free. The truth that only through one method can we touch. But through what method will we be able to overcome the obstacles to fly as artists, people and society?

Research theater is a way for those looking to get in touch with the art of theater through themselves and the team. It is a continuous exploration of the already existing theatrical methods towards the acquisition of maneuvering and global knowledge and the shaping of the personal, but also group method that will free the human artist from the visible and invisible masks of everyday life. Finding the method that will make him capable to be present in the here and now on stage, but also in life.


This idea is built on the moment. Taking into account the personal need of each individual and the need of each team creates a liberating cycle of exercises to discover the luggage and tools we have. Exercises that have as a starting point the action, which will bring the result and that free us from the brain function, bringing to the surface forgotten functions that move our limits, while increasing consciousness.

Through this wandering we gradually strengthen our body, we watch the memory it has, while walking in its paths we find our true voice, as it comes out as it is through emotional vibrations.

We break down our selfish tendencies and listen to others. We work and act for them. Observing others and rubbing against them is the only way we can exorcise our buried diamonds and serve something higher than ourselves.


This process aims to give participants the supplies to transform into plasticine people, who will have the ability to adapt to all kinds of conditions. Transformation into multi-tools that have the physical, mental and spiritual power to create an entire universe with whatever weapons they have, more or less. In addition, the goal is to train actors who will handle their roles as acrobats on a tightrope, denying security and without reassurance, but maintaining their personal peace. “Transparent” actors in debt, instead of projecting themselves, show the audience the light.

Stilts // FabricaLa b – Fanis Katechos (120 ′)

Stilt Art is coming to the 6th Handmade and Recycled Theater Festival. A workshop for those who want to get in touch with the art of Stiltwalking and want to enrich their skills.

The workshop is open and free to the public, while it requires good mood and determination. Participants are invited to bring with them comfortable, sneakers, as well as long tracksuits or leggings.

Yoga and Sound // Fabrica Lab – Giovanna Michaliadi Sarti Workshop (90 ’)

Activation of the body, through Yoga for training the mind. Investigation – observation of the sound landscapes and the music that the body produces, as well as the silence that occurs.

Goal: the acquisition of consciousness of the act, the relaxation of the thought and the enjoyment of the self in the moment.

Movement – Pause – Observation – Relaxation

Body – Look – Voice – Mind

Open dance Swing lesson // Rhythm Hoppers (60 ’)

Rhythm Hoppers (Augustinos Tran & Vasia Panagiotou) is a group created to spread the authentic Swing dances developed in the 20s-40s in America and danced to Swing music (Classic Jazz).

Lindy Hop belongs to the Swing family and was developed in the late ’20s in New York with influences from Authentic Jazz Dance, Tap, Breakaway and Charleston. Although he was born in the Savoy Ballroom to African-American dancers, he later became quite popular, appeared in several areas and was danced by many different groups of people. Having rhythm as its main feature, it gives dancers the opportunity to be inspired by Jazz music and improvise in listening to it. For this reason, although specific 6-count and 8-count movements are often repeated, each dance can differ significantly, depending on the style and personality of the dancers. In the test lesson, we will listen to swing music and learn the first steps by singing rhythms. We will also talk about posture, bounce and an introduction to partner dance.

African Dance // Sissy Pindela (90 ‘)

The objectives of the course are the acquaintance and awareness of our body, the control of our gravity as well as our contact with the floor and its energy. We study kinesiology from traditional dances of West Africa and more specifically from Mali, Guinea, Burkina Faso and Ivory Coast. We come in contact with percussions and different rhythms, we work as a group, we express ourselves, we are liberated, we have fun, we sweat and most of all we discover and share new emotions.

Self as stories: Workshop of Experiential Creative Theater – Lydia Xourafi (180 ′)

The workshop will start with exercises for activating the body and consciousness through breathing kinesiological motifs (physical theater techniques) and free physical expression. Then we will deal with exercises of applied-research theater, narrative drama (Narradrama) and visual expression to create a small-short composition based on personal material (memories, experiential physical experiences, narratives, dreams). Each participant will have the opportunity to choose the material to be shared which will serve as a starting point for the creative process. The last part of the workshop includes relaxation exercises and reflective discussion on the workshop experience. The workshop aims to develop means of expression, to encourage participation, to enhance emotional perception as well as to cultivate physical expression and consciousness.

The workshop is aimed at anyone who would like to expand their means of expression and creativity.

Self and role: Drama therapy workshop for adults – Transition (180 ′)

Drama Therapy is a method of psychotherapy that focuses on the healthy and strong points of the person and helps him, through his symbols and playful character, to gain self-knowledge and self-confidence, to accept himself and to transform his negative aspects with a very creative way.

This experiential workshop is addressed to students, teachers, mental health professionals, actors and those who wish to learn about drama therapy.

Through drama therapy techniques (role plays, improvisations, dramatization) we will explore the concepts of self and role, the relationship between them and how roles can be utilized as a means of self-knowledge and therapy. Participants will also be given the opportunity to “talk” with roles that may be trapped in everyday life and to dream and try roles they want in a safe environment.

Coordinators: Anna Louzi (Psychologist-Drama Therapist), Fotini Kapi (Drama Therapist-Psychopedagogue-Actor)

Contemporary dance seminar – Alexandra Costopoulou, Maria Moschou (120 ′)

By activating most of our muscle groups, by paying the minimum muscle strength, we will learn to function the body in its entirety, without restrictions. The aim of the seminar is for each person to know the possibilities of his body, how soft and equally strong it can be during the dance process. We will work through the tools of guided improvisation to achieve this goal. Then we will continue with exercises and a dance combination keeping as a memory in our body what preceded.

Based on the release technique.

Indonesian dance seminar – Tamara Mladenovic (180 ′)

Indonesian traditional dance from Bali and Sumatra.

Join us at the 6th Handicraft & Recycling Theater Festival to dance, try, feel the movements and sounds of great Indonesian culture.

Participants do not need to have specific dance experience, and it is good to wear comfortable clothes. The seminar will be held in Greek and English.

Tari Saman or the dance of a thousand hands is one of the most popular dances in Indonesia. It originates from the Gayo ethnic group from the Aceh province of Sumatra and is usually performed to celebrate important events.

The dance is performed by a group of people forming a line accompanied by a musician. The key here is that each player must move at the same time, creating a homogeneous, continuous line of movement often described as the defining feature of Tari Saman dance. The dance is characterized by the fast, energetic rhythm and the common harmony between the dancers.


Taekwondo and Theater – Grigoria Petropoulou (120 ′)

I learn myself through martial arts.

“Taekwondo & Theater”

Speech and Movement

To participate, it is necessary for those interested to have a yoga mat and sports clothes, because we will show the physical exercise of the actor before and during the preparation of a role.

We make our own toy world !, Toy making workshop from recyclable materials – ColorPlay (120 ′)

What does he dream of becoming a plastic bottle? What can a cardboard box be transformed into? How can a newspaper change shape? We learn to recycle materials and express our feelings differently. With our imagination, we put together pieces that seem useless, we decorate them, and suddenly a whole colorful world of toys unfolds in front of us. In the workshop, children will experiment with recyclable materials and with the help of children’s fairy tales and theatrical play exercises will expand their imagination and together we will compose our own fantasy stories.


Animators: Lydia Xourafi, Faye Ioannidou

Photos: Giannis Poulimenos

Photography lessons – Vassilis Nikas (120 ′)

“The basics of creative shooting in three days”. The seminar deals with the basics of creative photography in terms of camera operation (wide angle lens, center lens, telephoto lens, shutter speed, aperture, ISO, metering) and frame composition tools (point, lines, shapes and forms, rhythm, pattern, texture, perspective, rules of equilibrium, color, color temperature of light).

Roots and Wings – Greek-German Youth Exchange // Open Monitoring

Where do I come from and where do I go? How deep can I dive to the ground and how high can I fly? I take a step back and take three steps forward. I go back to my roots, discover where my existence comes from and create a foothold in the here and now to spread wings in the endless sky.

The Multifunctional Art Group “Fabrica Athens” and the German Non-Profit Organization “Mostar Friedensprojekt” collaborate for the 3rd consecutive year and carry out the 4th in a row Youth Exchange Program between Greece and Germany entitled “Roots and Wings”,supported by the Hellenic-German Youth Foundation. In the projects co-organized by the two organizations, the art of Theater is used as an educational and social tool and more specifically the theatrical method “Theater of Research – Theater” used by Fabrica Athens and the presenter of the method Fanis Katechos.

During the 6th Handmade and Recycled Theater Festival, the public will have the opportunity to attend the workshops that will take place within the Youth Exchange. The open invitation to attend the workshops, aims to announce the institution of European Youth Exchange Programs, the role of Theater as an educational – social – expressive tool for young people and the contribution of the “Theater of Research – Theater of Research” in the artistic and social field.

Taking into account the above, those who are interested are invited to attend the “Roots and Wings” Program as listeners. The workshops will take place from 09:00 to 15:00 and the public will be able to enter and leave the venue of the Program during breaks


This is a biographical note of a ensemble. This note has the purpose of promoting this ensemble. We hope that it will help to draw your attention to this ensemble and its work.

At this point we should mention the type of music that the ensemble performs, the year of foundation, the number of members, as well as a photo, where the members of the ensemble pose with their instruments.

All this information would act as a “bait”, where in one way or another, it would urge you to attend a concert of this ensemble. Maybe you bought a record that this set might be released

somewhere… once… or not ………

One man band show! – Dimitris Karousos

At the festival I will present the most representative of my songs, in an innovative way.

This is what I humorously call: one man band show!

Simultaneously with guitar, voice and accordion there will be pre-recorded instruments that determine

the style and style of the pieces.

I will present the pieces I have made in the 3 poems of Kostas Karyotakis, in lyrics by Aleko Panagoulis, in lyrics by the Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darouis and pieces with lyrics of my own.

See you on stage… Keep on rockin in the free world

Morozes- Mariam Rouhatze, Sofia Koulera

“With the Moroses for paddle

The boat factory

We will celebrate it a lot

We will also have fun ”


Group photo exhibition “Environment” – Curator: Giannis Poulimenos


Painting exhibition (Batik technique) – Tamara Mladenovic

The paintings tell stories about dance and dancers from Indonesia. Together with Indonesian dance and Indonesian theatrical art history, the paintings complete the landscape of the Indonesian tradition.

Handmade objects – Source of Georgopoulou

Handmade knitted and canvas bags, accessories and many other items

Diy jewelry- Meliti Giamali (ME OH MY)

Old school tattoo, vintage, candy, tiny pearls, enamel, recyclable materials, are mixed, creating a collection of simple everyday jewelry that focuses on the simple, arbitrary and special style that reflects the mood of the moment.

Photography, painting, clip art, unexpected materials are highlighted with the technique of cold glazing. Metal bars and elements, chains, cords, beads complement each other.

Diy jewelry – Nadia Skiathitou (Tsiki tsiki crafts)

What is worth more?

A fallen anchor?

A butterfly on a cat’s tail?

A wise seahorse?

What is a blue lobster looking for next to a bat in love?

What do a forest nymph and an invincible superhero have in common?

A journey into the land of strange creatures, where sly cats, night creatures, sea creatures, dragons and fairies, witches live… and where objects can have magical properties… a flying carpet, a rolling ring, a robot, a a needle that transforms the fabric… where a fearless heroine acts, an adventurous prince who in the end always triumphs overcoming all dangers and trials.

Love, transcendental, ordeal, transformation, everything meets, everything has a place in these journeys that never end.

Handmade creations – Marianna Petropoulou (Art Angels)

“Indulge in my own fairy tale and feel the fullness of creation in a world full of colors, glow, Dreamcatchers, wreaths & tender emotions through my handmade creations.

I wish my art to touch your soul ”.”

Handmade jewelry and items – Virginia Vlachou (Delicart)

Handmade jewelry mainly from semi-precious stones, wood and various other materials. Painting with mixed techniques, constructions such as decoupage, painting on canvas bags and clothes, pouring and 3D paintings from doll molds.


Admission to all actions will be free of charge.

Necessary telephone reservation for the performances at 2103411651 (Hours 17: 00-21: 00) // Necessary statement for participation in the seminars to the respective speaker

The actions will be hosted in the following places in Kerameikos:

Fabrica Artspace, 125 Meg. Alexandrou & Evrymedontos

Rhythm Hoppers Dance School- Evrymedontos 8

Pyroliki Tavern-Cafe, 117 Megalou Alexandrou