Open Call – 11th HRTFest

OPEN CALL – 11th HRTFest
Open call to the 11th edition of the Handmade & Recycled Theater Festival of Multiactive Group of Art Fabrica Athens in Greece.

Fabrica Athens Multiactive Group of Art invites you to the 11th Handmade & Recycled Theater Festival. The beloved festival returns to the neighborhood of Kerameikos, Athens, for the eleventh consecutive year, more dynamic than ever.

We make art, once again, like the first time!

11 years handmade and recyclable! 11 years of creation! 11 years HRTFest!

“What we did with effort, now it has a title.” The main theme of the Handmade and Recycled Theater Festival or HRTFest, as it is now called, is the idea of ​​handmade and recyclable. Reflecting the identity and the ways the team that created it, Fabrica Athens, HRTFest is the fulfilling of a vision. An artistic vision – and not only – where artists work as a team, and take on many different parts to create their own opportunities with the materials and tools they already have.

Until now, the aim is to support independent artistic creation, to promote DIY initiatives and to cultivate an ever-expanding community of artists who share this way of thinking, perceiving and creating.

It is a fact that we are through difficult times and unfavorable conditions in the field of culture. So the artists are asked to find new ways to continue creating and communicating; the Festival inspires and supports a different way of working.

After 11 years, Fabrica Athens invites you this year to co-create with it a unique Festival of Handmade & Recyclable Theater and Art!

Hosted Art Fields

HRTFest is based on Fabrica Art Space and stretches in the wider area of Kerameikos and Metaxourgeio neighborhoods downtown Athens, areas well known for their colorful and multicultural features. We aim all Festival’s actions to be inclusive and accessible to all cultural and societal subclasses, such as immigrants, disabled people, children and teenagers, seniors, LGBTQ +, students, artists, scholars, working class etc.

The title may point to a purely theatrical festival, though it covers all forms of art. The call is open to (not only) artists, tutors and researchers of any artistic field. HRTFest hosts:

  • Any Theater genre (prose, social theater, physical theater, street theater, shadow puppetry, puppet theater, theater for children, stand up comedy etc.)
  • Performance (music performance, site specific performance, video performance etc.)
  • Dance (contemporary dance, dancetheater, jazz dance etc.)
  • Circus (acrobatics, aerial arts, juggling, clowning etc.)
  • Music (live music, dj sets etc)
  • Workshops (seminars and masterclasses of any kind for minors and adults)
  • Cinema (feature and short films, documentary films, music films, video art, video dance etc.)
  • Visual arts (painting, sculpture, collage, photography, architectural design, installations, site specific art, jewellery, mask, puppet and doll manufacturing, clothing, DIY etc.)
  • Lectures, debates, banquets, book presentations etc.

In recent years, in fact, the program has been enriched with more nationwide and international participation!

11th Handmade and Recycled Theater Festival - “Branch Out” edition

The theme of the 11th Handmade and Recycled Theater Festival, by the title “Branch Out”, draws inspiration from the way plant branches expand in nature. Just like in trees and bushes - their branches get mixed and tangled, affect each other and, in the end, they mingle and support each other, breeding and hosting new life - thus the interaction and dialog between various forms of art, social backgrounds and civilisations paints, each and every time, a unique and constantly evolving scenery, that leaves its mark by being open to influences.

The multidimensional meaning of the title aims at raising collective awareness on environmental issues, on one hand, and also at the artistic synergy, on the other hand, along with the social and cultural interaction and collaboration. Goal of this year’s Festival is to open a dialog on subjects, such as climate change and the human imprint in nature, inclusivity in modern societies and art, and how artistic expression may help dive deep into these matters.

Thus, the 11th  HRTFest becomes one more time international, with an open call for artists and artistic ensembles in and out of borders, so that new artistic and cultural exchanges and correlations may brew among the participants. This year HRTFest edition will take place during 20-30 of September 2023 in Athens, Greece, based on Fabrica Art Space and stretching around the Kerameikos neighborhood.

One of the main goals of the 11th  HRTFest is to give access and the opportunity to all social sections and classes to mingle with Art. This is the reason why we want the 11th HRTFest to be a Festival open for all, with free access and no cost for the public.


Fabrica Athens aspires to form a Festival that creates opportunities and gives financial support to the participating artists, in these difficult times we are going through. Specifically, launching the “Green Object” contest and the performance contest of new plays in the 9th Handmade and Recycled Theater Festival, our goal is to grow and advance this endeavor by motivating and supporting a constantly greater number of young artists and new artistic teams, so that they can have the opportunity to present and show their work, hoping that this festival will be the pivotal point and inspiration, through the interaction and exchange of ideas, for a new artistic journey.

Performance Contest

The central idea of this contest is to spark the creation of brand new performing projects - of up to 20’ duration - inspired by the name of the title. What does “Green Object” mean for you? You can create a new work in progress performance and present it in the 11th  HRTFest.

The winners of the contest will have the opportunity to present their performance project, when completed, after the end of the Festival, in Fabrica Art Space, granted for free both the stage space and the technical equipment:

A’ Award: Eight (8) performances

Public Award: Four (4) performances

Contest of new Theater Plays

This contest is addressed to play writers and writing teams and calls to submit their plays to premier at Fabrica Art Space. A new play just completed or an old one which never had the chance to be presented in front of a public, now has the opportunity to win one of the following awards.

The applicants should be able to present their work in the shape of a reading stand of up to 20’, during the 11th  HRTFest.

Winners will have the opportunity to present their play in the shape of a performance, when completed,  after the end of the Festival, in Fabrica Art Space, granted for free both the stage space and the technical equipment:

A’ Award: Eight (8) performances

Public Award: Four (4) performances


Jury panels of both contests will be announced soon.


Submission of proposals

The open call for participation is addressed to professional and rising artists, but also students, who are active in art, education and research.

Those who are interested in participating in the festival, need to fill in the application form below by Sunday 4th of June 2023 (23:59, UTC +3. EEST).

(*) There will be a guarantee fee for the selected applicants of 30€, to establish their participation, which will be refunded upon completion of your participation in the Festival.

Application Form

Applications that are overdue will be considered invalid.

First, read carefully the terms of participation, please.


Further information about HRTFest

The infrastructure where the actions will take place are given free of charge to the artists. The venues will be announced to the participants later on.

All submissions will be informed about their participation or not in the Festival by the 30th of June 2023.


Dates of the Handmade and Recycled Theater Festival : 20/09/2023 – 30/09/2023




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