Handmade and Recycled Theater Festival / HRTFest / Handmade and Recycled Theater Festival


The Handmade and Recycled Theater Festival (in Greek: Festival of Handmade and Recyclable Theater and for short HRTFest) is an annual institution, a multi-themed Festival organized by Fabrica Athens since 2013 in Kerameikos. Promotes and inspires the concept of handmade creation, known today as DIY. With a motivational thought, “taking Art in our hands” is addressed to artists who operate with the main focus on the “longing” for Art, create with personal / manual work, and focus on the recycling of existing materials and low or zero budget solutions.


The character of the Festival arose from the very identity of the group and is based on the direct involvement of all its members and their passion for Art. It is a festival with artists who organize themselves, create together and come together, each taking on different roles to achieve a common result.


The vision of the Festival has always been and is to offer a space for expression and creation of art, regardless of the type of art that everyone serves and his / her experience in it, gender, age and nationality.


The Festival has its center the Fabrica Artspace and is expanding in the wider neighborhood of Kerameikos, through collaborations. Its name may refer to a purely theatrical festival, but it hosts all forms of art. Participation is open to artists (and not only) who are active in art, education and research.


he Festival includes:

– All types of Theater (prose, social theater, physical theater, street theater, theater
shadows, puppetry, children’s theater, etc.)
– Performance (music performance, site specific performance, video performance etc.)
– Dance (modern dance, dance theater, jazz dance etc.)
– Circus art (acrobatics, aerial skills, jugglers, clowns etc.)
– Music (concerts, dj sets etc.)
– Workshops (seminars and workshops of all topics for adults and children)
– Cinema (feature films, short films, documentaries, music
movie screenings, video art screenings, video dance etc.)
– Fine arts (painting, collage, photography, architectural design, installations,
site specific art, jewelry, mask, doll, garment, DIY Constructions)
– Lectures / speeches, discussions, book presentations, book reading.


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