Call for Participation – 8th HRTFest

Open invitation to participate in the most Handmade and Recyclable Festival of Athens.
The Fabrica Athens Multiactive Art Group, once again, organize the 8th Handmade & Recycled Theater Festival. Our favorite festival in the historic neighborhood of Kerameikos, returns for the eighth consecutive year!

From September 24 to October 4, 2020, we take art in our hands!

The idea
Why handmade and recyclable?

“What we did with effort, we gave it a title.” Τhe main concept to the Handmade and Recycled Theater Festival is the idea of ​​handmade and recyclable. The name and character of the Festival emerged from the identity of the group. So it is not about choosing a title, but it is about choosing a need, a way of life that is reincarnated in an artistic vision. A festival with self-organized artists, creating together, each taking on different roles to achieve a result.

In this particular period we are going through, with the field of culture being affected and artists being called upon to find ways to continue creating, the idea of ​​the Festival is inspired by a different way of operating.

Our goal is to support artists who want to take art into their own hands, to highlight diy creations and to develop a network of artists who have a common way of thinking, perceiving and creating. So, we invite all of you to share your ideas with us and to co-organize a different Festival of Handmade & Recyclable Theater!

A few words about the festival

For seven years the festival has hosted over 40 forms of expression and artistic creation: prose, musical theater, performance, music performance, site specific performance, physical theater, street theater, children’s theater, improvisation, standup comedy, bar theater, forum theater , narration, theatrical analogy, modern dance, dance theater, jazz dance, concerts, dj sets, music screenings, feature films, short films, documentaries, painting, collage, photography, architectural design, installations, book presentation, book reading, projections video art, site specific art, video performance, video dance, skype performance, shadow theater, puppet show, circus, acrobatics, aerial Skills, juggler, clown, jewelry, mask, doll, costume, DIY Constructions, workshop, children’s creative work, seminars, lectures.

At this year’s festival, the venues and the way of operation will be differentiated from the previous years, and will be shaped – determined in accordance with the rules and protection measures proposed by the competent bodies.

For this reason we invite all artists who want to participate to adapt their actions, so that there is the possibility of their implementation both indoors and outdoors.

Submission of proposals
The open call for participation is addressed to professional and amateur artists, but also students, who are active in art, education and research.

To participate in the festival, those interested should send an email with the subject “HRTFest Application Form” to the email address:

The email needs to include the following information in a pdf file:

– Description of the proposal
– Curriculum vitae of the group or the artist
– Contact info

Proposals will be accepted until August 15, 2020. Applications that do not include the above information or that are overdue will be considered invalid.


-The spaces where the actions will take place are given free of charge to the artists. The venues will be announced soon.

-All submissions will be informed about their participation or not in the Festival until August 31, 2020.

-There will be a competitive part for the theatrical performances. Specifically, audience awards and committee awards will be given. The winners will be offered free hospitality at the Fabrica Αrtspace for a certain number of performances, after the end of the festival.