5th Handmade and Recycled Theater Festival – Schedule

The multiactive art group Fabrica Athens and Fabrica Artspace co-organize the 5th Handmade & Recycled Theater Festival (Festival of Handmade and Recyclable Theater).

This year, for the first time, the Handmade and Recycled Theater Festival spreads on the map of Kerameikos, multiplying free artistic expression in other areas of art and communication!

In our open neighborhood, the activities will be hosted for ten days at the Fabrica Technochoros, Modern Times Drama School, Rhythm Hoppers Dance Workshop and Pyroliki Cafe.

For the fifth consecutive year, the festival insists on the idea of ​​collectivity, self-organization and the gathering of independent artists and aspires to host artistic activities that will highlight their work and bring them in contact with other artists who have a common way of thinking, perceiving and creating. .

… take art in our hands!

10 days full of theater, music, dance, screenings, photography, art, crafts, circus, seminars and a lot of creativity!

Necessary telephone reservation for the performances at 6937877127 (Hours 11: 00- 14:00 & 17: 00- 21:00) // Necessary statement for participation in the seminars to the respective speaker
Admission with free contribution for all actions

Below you can read details about all the participations of the festival!

Find photos from the Festival here!

Troilos and Chrysida- Dimitris Skourtis & Chrysianna Karameri // Theater

Troilus and Chrysida

A work by William Shakespeare, not so well known, based on the well-known myth of the Trojan War to build its story on a dipole, war and love. Shakespeare here deconstructs these absolute notions and lands them in reality, transforming them from heroism to thrashing and thirst for power, and from love to lustful love. The smallest but also the most structural dipoles that appear in the work, caused us to converse with them, to remind us of the human mortal character and how relevant such a text is, creating the desire to condense a work on stage many persons through two bodies, two voices, two people.

Text: William Shakespeare
Translation: Vassilis Rotas
Performing – directing: Dimitris Skourtis & Chrysianna Karameri

Playback Theater- Playback Nuevo // Spontaneous Theater

A playback performance is based on the stories that the audience spontaneously shares at the same time while the actors transform them dramatically on stage. In this way the spectators cease to be mere spectators but become actors of the show. Sharing stories creates a climate of unity and connection that develops a sense of belonging.

Ilikinia- Vasiliki Nomidou // Performance

in a forest…. a city.. …

We hear a tale about a creature – a child, like the echo of childhood through time
We see the path of another creature – woman, as memories are retrieved from the body
the two stories touch each other, walk parallel and the two creatures meet in their search
the reason belongs to the child.

A story about the loss of innocence, trauma and the search for identity. The performance is based on physical theater and is inspired by butoh. He attempts to build an artistic, symbolic environment, where the two heroes will exist.

Conception-Direction-Interpretation: Vasiliki Nomidou
Drama editing / Co-directing: Angela Delichatsiou
Costume, stage objects: Myrto Belopoulou
Face painting: Tonia Ainot
Writing – storytelling: Vasiliki Nomidou
Voice Ilikinia: Nikolas Prassas
Angela Delichatsiou is participating
The performance features the Japanese traditional instrument Shakuhachi.

The Red Hat – Sweet Herring // Theatrical Improvisation

“Sweet Herring” is a group of people, who with their tremendous energy, inexhaustible enthusiasm and love for comic theatrical improvisation have managed to erase in recent years a very successful course of performances, but also to make improvisation, a way life in their daily lives.

They are the creators of a theatrical performance that is prepared and performed at the time it is presented to the public. There is no pre-arrangement. Everything is created on stage on the occasion of the proposals of the audience. The spectators are the ones who give the ideas and the theme that will inspire the actors to construct each scene that will be presented.

Vombiri, I. Trovas, Kl. Hatzigianni and E. Christodoulaki are the improvised actors who create the play.

Dark Cabaret- Lobotomy Twins // Dance

Dolls that wake up through music

Main contributors:
Stella Papadima: dancer / performer
Natasa Christou: dancer

Voices 2017- Fabrica Athens Theater Group // Theatrical Analogy

The Theatrical Writing Workshop in the period 2016-2017 with seminars of the teacher Penny Fylaktakis, operated at the Fabrica Artspace in collaboration with Libron Editorial and the Danzerin Dance Workshop. The young writers experimented and struggled with the codes of the stage through original solo works, as well as adaptations on the occasion of the short story by Alexandros Papadiamantis, “Without a Wreath”.

As the last stage of the writing team’s journey, their works will be presented at the 5th Fabrica Recycled and Handmade Theater Festival by Fabrica Theater Group, in the form of a performance-performance.

In detail, the participations are:
Without Wreath: Royal Sa’ini
Without Wreath: Nafsika Makraki
Without Wreath: Sofia Margariti
Without Wreath: Nota Dousmani
Gouplei: Costas Manis
The Rehearsal: Panos Kekas
When a star falls: Eleanna Stathopoulou
Somewhere in the future: Iris-Anna Zervou
The members of Theater Fabrica Group are: Speri Kanata, Katerina Markezini, Theodora Stembari and Maria Froudaraki
Direction-Training: Fenia Proveleggiou, George Triantaphyllidis

At the Bridge – Violation // Theater of the Absurd

Three characters, representing an entire society, stand on the edge of a broken bridge. The transition from one piece to the next is difficult, with the sea surrounding them from everywhere. Their problem is common, but not everyone’s motivation, their goal, and the answers they seek to three questions: What do we expect from God? What do we expect from our neighbor? What do we expect from ourselves? Not necessarily in this order.

Directed by: Orestis Maltezos
Text: Giannis Sofikitis
Cast: Alexandros Kanavos, Sotiris Semertzian, Giannis Sofikitis
Original Music: Dimitris Gaitanis
Musicians on stage: Panos Anastasiou, Dimitris Gaitanis, Alexis Ramler

Hidden Woe- Tou Senpleman // Theater

Andreas Karkavitsa’s short story was written in 1885 and was first published on October 26 of the same year, in the magazine Evdomas entitled “O Chrysanthos”.

Before the outbreak of the Greek Revolution of 1821 there was a need for men for the liberation of the nation. The last hope of a large family to offer a member to the revolution dies with the birth of another female. The father decides to raise the girl as a boy. Chrysi becomes Chrysantos and makes an offer to the revolution.

The work focuses on the position of women and the possibility of choice. A father conveys his need to his daughter. The daughter is able to satisfy her father’s need, leaving behind her own wants, so that in the end she does not recognize if her desires are really hers. What happens when love appears? Is a girl capable of going against her nature to fulfill her father’s wishes? And the father’s side is the right of everyone to fight for freedom by any means at their disposal.

Directed by: Niki Doulgeraki
Sets / Costumes: tou senpleman
Lighting: Panagiotis Dimouleas
Cast: Pelia Giannoulatou, Iliana Baferou

Empress Tears – Metalithi // Performance

A performance around the constant force of wear.

* excerpt from the movie A casa that says: in the future I am free. Free because it does not exist

Dimitra Aggelou, Dimitris Ameladioti, George Efthimiou

XXY- Aniline Dancetheatre // Contemporary dance duet

The show is inspired by the xx and xy chromosomes, which differentiate and determine gender. Images and movement are built on their different appearances, the duality they create in the world as we know it, but also in the human body. The approach is based on the similarities and differences that occur during the development of these two chromosomes, as well as their coexistence and conflict in nature, but also in society.

The duo uses modern dance and contact-partnering kinetic forms, as well as elements of physical theater, and experiments with the relation of body movement in relation to sound and its quietness, contact and absence.

Two people, two bodies. A man and a woman. A dance. They are born, they move, they interact. Same and different at the same time. They meet, they enter each other’s space. They are dancing. The first reconnaissance moves and the chances of their contact. Sometimes they cooperate, sometimes they clash. Which similarities and differences are actually genetic and which are acquired? And what effect does this duality have?

Choreography / Performance: Alexandros Gountinakis, Natassa Arabatzi
Original music: Myles Therron (Stelios Fraggopoulos)
(music club: Fenia Sklavou)
Costumes: Eleni Hasioti
Photos: Eleftheria Kalpenidou

Should anyone live? – Bofiliou Artschool // Theater

Based on the Terror and Misery of the Third Reich, by Bertolt Brecht
Brecht in a tragic comic or comically tragic mood dramatizes real events. 11 stories of people living in Germany of the Third Reich. In Hitler’s Germany. 11 stories that make us laugh, cry, remember. 11 stories of people living under terror and misery leading to comically tragic situations simply because they are afraid of their neighbor, their husband, their child themselves. “And the walls have ears.” Free to say what they want, as long as it matches their Führer data. Free to do whatever they want as long as they do not think. Free… as today!

Direction / Music editing: Nikos Axiotis
Editing: Nikos Axiotis, Iris Katraki Pavlou
Costume editing-Construction of stage objects: Eleanna Stathopoulou
Stage construction: Michalis Bofilios, Nikos Karasavvidis.
Poster Design: Panagiotis Kampylis (Fb Panos Kampylis- instagram panos_kampylis)
Recordings: Dimitris Kallergis, Dimitra Syros, Haris Stathopoulos
Poster / Program Design: Konstantinos Giatrakos
The 36 roles are played by: Argyris Kotsaftis, Aphrodite Exertzis, Vivian Stournara, Despina Borsi, Dimitra Gogousi, Dimitris Kallergis, Iro Karakontaki, Marios Bogiongo, Roxani Basgai, Stavroula Christouri

Everywhere- A(r)CT // Dance

A piece based on improvisation, where the dancers are invited to converse and compose the space they are spontaneously in, creating a unique experience with choreographers and the spectators themselves. A piece that draws elements from our daily lives by copying and magnifying paths, emotions, relationships and characters.

Approve-all- Giolika Poulopoulou // Performance (60 ‘)

a repetitive hit,
– a repetitive sound

Its purpose: the prolonged expression of acceptance, approval, reward.
instrument: palms, hands
object: the mirror
duration: longer than usual.
rhythm: usual
dynamic: usual
a man- the living sculpture
seeks conscious (co) existence: conversation,
recognition, self-reward, complement, harmonization, unit,
exposure, self-esteem

He chooses a repetitive action (usually done en masse) to reward himself. Commonly accepted collective action becomes individual. And this is because the confirmation does not come only from the sets. The spectators-participants can record the reasons why they themselves want the reward and accept it personally from the performer or from themselves.

Circo show

“Date in the Courtyard”. As part of the Handmade & Recycled Theater Festival, inoculated and in parallel, in the yard of the Fabrica Artspace from 1/10 to 8/10 there will be a small festival of street spectacles.

Circus, puppets, artistic performance, object manipulation etc. Participating artists: Pomet, Pepe and Koko, Baruti, Cristian, Ozen, Popoman, Alvaro.
On the last day, Sunday 8/10, there will be a Variete / Party with free participation of artists.

for the poor relatives! – Dimitris Karousos // Music

This is what I humorously call: one man band show!

Simultaneously with guitar, voice and accordion there will be pre-recorded instruments that determine the style and style of the pieces.

I will present the pieces I have made in the 3 poems of Kostas Karyotakis, in lyrics by Aleko Panagoulis, in lyrics by the Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darouis and pieces with lyrics of my own.

See you on stage…
Keep on rockin in the free world

Open course Swing -Lindy Hop- Rhythm Hoppers

Rhythm Hoppers (Augustinos Tran & Vasia Panagiotou) is a group created to spread the authentic Swing dances developed in the 20s-40s in America and danced to Swing music (Classic Jazz).

Lindy Hop belongs to the Swing family and was developed in the late ’20s in New York with influences from Authentic Jazz Dance, Tap, Breakaway and Charleston. Although he was born in the Savoy Ballroom to African American dancers, he later became quite popular, appeared in several areas and was danced by many different groups of people. Having rhythm as its main feature, it gives dancers the opportunity to be inspired by Jazz music and improvise in listening to it. For this reason, although specific 6-count and 8-count movements are often repeated, each dance can differ significantly, depending on the style and personality of the dancers. In the test lesson, we will listen to swing music and learn the first steps by singing rhythms. We will also talk about posture, bounce and an introduction to partner dance.

Sculpture workshop – Evangelos Kapralos

Sculpture workshop for the construction of clay characters,

that express ourselves and decorate it around him

our neck. Tools to be used: clay, colors and imagination

African Dance- Sissy Pintela // Workshop

The objectives of the course are the acquaintance and awareness of our body, the control of our gravity as well as our contact with the floor and its energy. We study kinesiology from traditional dances of West Africa and more specifically from Mali, Guinea, Burkina Faso and Ivory Coast. We come in contact with percussions and different rhythms, we work as a group, we express ourselves, we release ourselves, we have fun, we sweat and most of all we discover and share new emotions.

Actor: Voice & Song – Christina Tsimpra

The participants of the workshop will have the opportunity to learn what are the appropriate “tools” to use their VOICE correctly, for their maximum performance in Auditions, Examinations and Performances.

The workshop is addressed to actors and students of Drama Schools. They should have the song or excerpt from the role they are preparing in 2 copies with them, and wear the clothes they use for their auditions or for their role.

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga- Vassilis Georgosopoulos

Ashtanga Yoga is a dynamic yoga system. The first references to it are in 200 BC. It has been brought to the modern world by Sri K Pattaphi Jois (1915-2009). A key feature of this yoga method is the synchronization of breathing and movement. Ashtanga practice is performed in a series, with progressive difficulty, from positions (asanas) in combination with breathing (ujjai). A process that detoxifies the body, aligns the body, offering us a flexible, light, strong body and a calm mind.

Day 1 (2 hours): Historical background / Philosophy / Practice (guided lesson)
Day 2 (2 hours): Ashtanga Yoga Physiology / The Role of Breathing / Practice (Guided Lesson)

The seminar is aimed at beginners who want to get acquainted with this traditional type of yoga, but also to those who already have a relevant experience in Ashtanga or some other type of yoga.

It’s just… words // Theatrical play for adults- Angeliki Kalisperi, Angeliki Gousgoula (Skou… and I’m leaving!)

“-Come, do not be afraid are just words, words that you read every day, words that you pass, words that you hear and that you do not say, words that you left behind and words that you will not find again”

Our goal is for the participants to “play” with words from our daily vocabulary by placing them on a different basis and giving them a new linguistic meaning. Will a newspaper with such linguistic material be the occasion to create another character? And what if these characters get involved?

And the game again from the beginning.
-and I’m leaving!

Pacuigo Puppets // Children’s puppet and puppet theater workshop – Giovanna Michaliadi Sarti, Silvana Sarti (DuoNino)

The little guests will make their personal handmade doll from recyclable materials and will discover themselves and the world through playing with it. The workshop is aimed at children aged 7 to 11 years.

Contributors: Silvana Sarti, Giovanna Michaliadi Sarti

Actor and Cinema – Eugenia Papageorgiou, Serafeim Arkomanis

In this workshop we will make an introduction to the course ‘Actor and Cinema’. The course ‘Actor and Cinematographer’ concerns anyone who deals or wants to deal with acting in television and cinema, but also those whose profession is related to the existence of a camera such as directors, journalists, presenters, etc.

Through these practical courses the participants have the opportunity, among others:
To become acquainted, through practice, with the ‘language’ of cinema.
To apply exercises for improving the means of expression (movement, speech), which serve the acting on camera, as well as exercises for the preparation of the actor before the shooting.
Directors to discover or improve the way they direct their instructions to the actors during filming.
Understand the importance of concentrating and controlling the means of expression in front of the camera.

Micro-movement // Expression in cinema- Maria Stefanidou (M.O.V.A)

In this seminar we will work with our expressive and physical potential through free expression, with complementary axes specific techniques of kinesiology, improvisation and physical theater. We will develop our basic tools in order to deconstruct and reduce their use as a basic means of expression in the art of cinema in the context of micro-acting. Releasing and enlarging our authentic movement is a key research pillar for understanding and mastering our micro-movement.

Workshop presentation: Maria Stefanidou – Actor

Explore it // Experimentation in the performing arts- Fabrica Lab, Tzovanna Michaliadis Sarti

Explore it is for everyone an experimental encounter with themselves and the outside world. An encounter with the world of magic, of the here and now, where everything is repeated and participates in the understanding of existence, in the consciousness of actions and in the process of creation.

It is an effort through experimentation and repetition to discover, deepen and develop practices and techniques around and through the performing arts, such as circo, theater, yoga and dance. To touch hidden chords of body, spirit and soul that will play new music as one. A circular space and time that, in the linearity of reality, invites us to act, while friction will help us find or invent points of contact – moments of balance.

Guided by the triptych of the experimental process – observation, experiment, result – we aim at restoring peace and eliminating the internal and external noises that we produce. The teacher-student boundaries and the concept of respect are redefined and everyone acquires a dual role. We develop our individuality, but also ways to contribute with our diversity to the team.

Small form // Interactive creative writing workshop – Lili Gati (M.O.B.A)

Presentation of creative writing courses for children’s literature and small form

After a brief tour of the creative writing classes, we will create our own original short form story. With the help of a mirror, we will face our fears and emotions, shape our thoughts and images and gain our first reading audience.

Laboratory presentation: Lili Gati- Author

Hoopdance & Yoga- Fabrica Lab, Tzovanna Michaliadis Sarti

We seize the opportunity to dance, meditate and express ourselves, with a hula hoop.

Hoopdance is the dance with the wreath. We explore motion with an object outside of us and discover the possibilities of our own motion. We learn basic steps, but also advanced tricks so that we can then break them down and create our own kinesiology that stems from the rhythm of our lives and exceed our limits. Dancing with the wreath we are constantly looking for union with it, in order to achieve union with ourselves. We find the flow in motion with the cycle and the flow of our own energy. It is a different approach and a different way to find balance and harmonize with our inner and outer world. It takes willpower, patience and an appetite for life. The workshop will introduce basic principles, depending on the level of each.
The 2 hours of the workshop include:
-Yoga and HoopYoga
-Basic principles of Hoopdance and tricks (based on the level of each participant)
-Move exploration / Hoop Jam
The workshop is addressed to all levels. Personal work will be done with each participant.

Plan, shoot and wrap // Introduction to audiovisual narration – Nikos Stampoulopoulos (M.O.V.A)

At a time when every mobile phone has a camera, it takes only a few means to shoot your own movie, whether it is fiction or a documentary. But like all languages, the language of cinema has its own grammatical rules. Some of these rules can be broken, but only if one has first learned to handle the language properly. Although it is a language that we all use every day as spectators, few of us know it well enough to be able to turn a story into animation.

Laboratory presentation: Nikos Stampoulopoulos – Cinematographer

Are we dancing? // Seminar of dance, improvisation, theatrical play (ages 5-10 & 18+) – Eleni Papaioannou

These seminars are based on the idea that our body needs movement and seek to cultivate a sense of freedom and the ability to keep up with our body through dance. Combining improvisation, group games and technical exercises we will focus on fast movement and movement in space, effectively using the flow of energy in and out of our body as well as in relation to those around us.

Research Theater Part 1 // Research Theater – Fabrica Lab, Fanis Katechos

Research theater is a way for those looking to get in touch with the art of theater through themselves and the team. It is a continuous exploration of the already existing theatrical methods towards the acquisition of maneuvering and global knowledge and the shaping of the personal, but also group method that will free the human artist from the visible and invisible masks of everyday life. Finding the method that will make him capable to be present in the here and now on stage, but also in life.

Through this wandering we gradually strengthen our body, we watch the memory it has, while walking in its paths we find our true voice, as it comes out as it is through emotional vibrations.

This process aims to give participants the supplies to transform into plasticine people, who will have the ability to adapt to all kinds of conditions. Transformation into multi-tools that have the physical, mental and spiritual power to create an entire universe with whatever weapons they have, more or less.

Writing a children’s book // Interactive workshop of children’s literature- Lili Gati (M.O.V.A)

Literature is a wonderful art. And as an art, it has its techniques. In these techniques, then, we will be guided in creative writing lessons, not to be trapped in boxes, but to get out of them completely.

Laboratory presentation: Lili Gati- Author

Contact Improvisation– Vassilis Georgosopoulos

The C.I. is an improvised form of dance, based on the communication of two bodies that are in physical contact and the relationship they have with the natural laws of movement (gravity, inertia, momentum). flow of traffic. Practically we lead to a spontaneous dialogue of two bodies that includes rolling, falling, lifting, while the partners support each other.

The seminar will introduce the basic principles of C.I .: movement in space, directions, levels, weight games, rolling, sliding, balancing forces, flow support.

Colors… The moment some of them “throw” us, others can lightning fast make our heart beat like crazy… Some of these reactions have a biological basis, others stem from personal experiences.

In the second part of the seminar we will explore how colors affect our thinking, our soul, our emotion and consequently, the temple on which all this rests, the body. Guided by the imagination, we will set in motion colors that affect us, colors taken from our childhood memories, which are important to us and with their help we will dare to connect with others.

The seminar is addressed to anyone who has a basic contact with traffic.

We make our own toy world // Workshop for making toys from recyclable materials – Lydia Xourafi, Faye Ioannidou (Color Play)

What does he dream of becoming a plastic bottle? What can a cardboard box be transformed into? How can a newspaper change shape? We learn to recycle materials and express our feelings differently. With our imagination, we put together pieces that seem useless, we decorate them, and suddenly a whole colorful world of toys unfolds in front of us. In the workshop, children will experiment with recyclable materials and with the help of children’s fairy tales and theatrical exercises will expand their imagination and together we will compose our own fantasy stories.

Animators: Lydia Xourafi, Faye Ioannidou
Photos: Georgina Kakasa

The actor / performer and theatrical practice – Eugenia Papageorgiou

What does actor / performer mean and what do we mean when we say theatrical practice? How can an actor / performer work his part on his own, so that he is more prepared for the rehearsal and more open to directing? We will discuss these concepts and work on practical exercises from various acting techniques and methods. These exercises are based on targeted speech and kinesiological improvisation. They enhance concentration and clear communication and help strengthen team spirit and cooperation. They can be used by the actor when working on a role, activating the senses and body parts, to highlight aspects of a stage character.

It is addressed to anyone interested!

Bodyscapes- Mary Charitonidis

Bodyscapes come from the urgent need to affirm the beauty of the human body in its diversity and richness.

Main contributors:

Cinematography by: Méri Charitonidi, Lina Elvekjær Biehl, Mascha van Kleef
Sound design & Composition by: Caroline Polke
Installation by: Gabriele Mid
Editing: Mascha van Kleef
Art Department: Gríma Irmudóttir
Color Correction: Mary Charitonidi

The Cycle of Desire- Α(r)CT

‘The Cycle of Desire’ is a video dance that depicts our relationship with clothes in an era of immediacy, seeking to raise questions about the culture of fashion and overconsumption.

Crossing Borders- Α(r)CT

The trip from Cyprus and Greece to the United Kingdom. A short documentary film that explores the paths of some women who immigrated to England, leaving their homelands. A record of their personal experiences, stories and feelings.

I am just trying to say that I love life- George Efthymiou

Filming the ghostline of a spiritual living in the heart of the city.
Main contributors:
Video & Editor: Giorgos Efthimiou
Performer: Dimitris Ameladiotis
Music: Steve Roden & hrdya samudra

Life line // Presentation of interactive confessions – Horme Pictures

An interactive event of confessions of the fears and issues we carry within us. A black box with a camera records, without appearing the confessor, what he wants to get out of him.

The material will be presented in the finale of the festival (7/10) in a special event as a participation of Horme Pictures and in the premiere of the film Lines by Vassilis Mazomenos.

The participation in the event and the recording of the confessions will take place daily from 11 in the morning until 11 in the evening at the Fabrica Artspace from 28/09 to 4/10.


Decomposition, an insidious enemy of the Theater, a discussion about the theater- Rapporteur: Costas Dalianis

Theater is constantly changing, as is life. And this is necessary and necessary, in order to be able to reflect and comment on the new conditions, the new data, the new anxieties of humanity. New works, new forms, new approaches, constant renewal in the tools of our art.

However, more and more often nowadays, the theater deviates from its main goals and turns into a den of vanity of the artists (mainly the directors) where their purpose is not to tell a story, respecting the author and the work, but to project shamelessly inflated, inflated their “EGO”, trampling on theatrical works, indiscriminately harassing the authors’ texts, using their works solely to shine themselves with their “amazing” ideas, their “shocking” findings, and their “divine” talent.

The presentation will be followed by a discussion and questions will be answered as much as possible.

Photo exhibition “Forgotten on a paper” – Christina Sarlami
Photo exhibition “Seconds before innocence” – Katerina Arvaniti
Exhibition of fantastic characters / painting, sculpture – Evangelos Kapralos

Presentation of paintings and sculptures

Exhibition of painting / poetry “Zorikos Kairos” – George Sigalas

These are colored designs in small size. They present portraits of people and in the margins of the design are placed poems of the same, in a modern style of a modern neo-humanist view. The composition of a design and a poem in the same image, refers to documents of the present time. It is an art that records and presents events, situations, images, feelings, hopes and anxieties of today’s man, images that surround us.

X-Artwork Exhibition- Christina Raouzaiou

Handmade creations with a natural material of exceptional aesthetics and durability, the pebble. Christina, with imagination and color, transforms the pebbles and gives them life, creating wonderful frames that will decorate your space!

Humorous construction market – Anastasia Voutsa

Using materials and objects that are easy to use and everyday, such as bags, magnets, key chains, bookmarks, pins, jewelry and a variety of other items, Anastasia and her Neo-logisms try to introduce you to the alternative, light and if not humorous of our daily moments.

Diy jewel- Meliti Giamali (ME OH MY), Nadia Skiathitou (Tsiki Tsiki Crafts)

ME OH MY: Old school tattoo, vintage, candies, tiny pearls, enamel, recyclable materials, are mixed, creating a collection of simple everyday jewelry that focuses on the simple, arbitrary and special style that reflects the mood of the moment.

Photography, painting, clip art, unexpected materials are highlighted with the technique of cold glazing. Metal bars and elements, chains, cords, beads complement each other.

Tsiki Tsiki Crafts: What is worth more? A fallen anchor? A butterfly on a cat’s tail? A wise seahorse? What is a blue lobster looking for next to a bat in love? What do a forest nymph and an invincible superhero have in common?

A journey into the land of strange creatures, where sly cats, night creatures, sea creatures, dragons and fairies, witches live… and where objects can have magical properties… a flying carpet, a rolling ring, a robot, a needle that transforms the fabric… where a fearless heroine acts, an adventurous prince who in the end always triumphs overcoming all dangers and trials.

Love, transcendental, ordeal, transformation, everything meets, everything has a place in these journeys that never end.

Handmade jewelry with recyclable materials – Maria Papadopoulou, Evangelia Papalexandratou (HandMary)

Recycling and reuse of materials significantly helps to reduce waste, which is one of the most serious and constantly aggravating environmental problems. Recyclable materials and reusable materials are popular materials for our creations.

They can be easily found and as creators we are called to give a second life cycle to these materials, turning them into new objects through the renegotiation of their use. The result of all these processes is the creation of accessories with our own aesthetics and our personal stamp.