3rd Handmade & Recycled Theater Festival

October 2015

Artspace Fabrica

The interdisciplinary art group Fabrica Athens and Technohoros Fabrica (Alexander the Great 125, Keramikos, Athens) is organizing the 3rd Handmade and Recycled Theater Festival in October 2015 in Athens.

The third version of the Festival remains faithful to its idea of group, self-organization and assembling of independent creators and aspires to accommodate both artistic and social representations of the Greek crisis.

During the festival, performances and actions will be hosted from the field of theater and dance, performance, installation, visual arts and photography, video art, documentary, short films, circus, children’s theater and puppet theater.

The proposal is open both to artists and academics. The aim is to carry out an open dialogue between the field of art and society through a cycle of debates and seminars, focusing on the impact that has the economic / social / moral crisis in art.

Applications will be accepted at: until 5 of September 2015.

All actions will be carried out without entrance fee for the public.

Until we meet again!

Days concerned.
Technohoros Fabrica