Up times High, Stilt Action, Walkabout / Reception Little Big

Υoung and old

In the city, people’s thoughts, dreams and looks wander among the stars. Between earth and blue sky, a place is born, inhabited by Surprise and Imagination. People leave gray behind. They go where everything is possible and the small one suddenly looks big. A place where even a smile or a warm welcome can change your day.

Stilts and Smiles

Acrobats in the heart and in life, put their good and “high” to welcome the world in a celebration full of unexpected surprises. The most festive smile and the most playful mood is transmitted to young and “little” adults, giving the promise of a unique memory.

Duration: By appointment
Aimed at: 0-100 years old
Events: Wedding, Baptism, Party, Event, Festival etc.
Performer: By appointment