The Life Cycle of the Soap Bubble

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The Life Cycle of the Soap Bubble – from Invisible to Visible.

Like everything around us, Soap Bubbles make their own life cycle. The Multiactive Art Group Fabrica Athens and Mr and Mrs Bubble reveal the ephemeral and transparent life of the Soap Bubble.

In the summer of 2018, as part of the new production of Fabrica Athens “Xanthi – Xanthi”, Giovanna Michaliadi Sarti and Fanis Katechos, began new experiments around the art of theater and the science of soap bubbles, Bubbleology. Among other things, the experiments revolved around how the performing arts of the theater and the science of Bubbleology could be combined to create a spectacle that unites the two genres.

The artists created a special construction – installation, in which a special projector is immersed. A soap bubble is formed in it, on which various types of lighting and projections were applied. Part of the experiments was the mirroring of handmade lighting of the group, which has a translucent cloth and emits white light. Surprisingly, the white background of the cloth does not appear on the soap bubble slide. On the contrary, the white lighting reveals its colorful nature.

After numerous tests, it was observed that the liquid transparency that contributes to the formation of the soap bubble follows its own life cycle. Every bubble “is born, lives and dies”. During its existence, it goes through various phases with specific frequencies, which are attributed to its surface in color. The color canvas of the wet surface follows a specific pattern. The multifaceted pattern and its duration depend on various parameters such as:

  • The volume of air that surrounds the surface of the bubble.
  • Air currents and the level of ambient humidity.
  • The deliberate or smooth destruction of transparency.

From a different perspective of this discovery, soap bubbles remind us:

In this world, the eternal and therefore ephemeral, everything around is subject to the perpetual alternation of the amount of light. This light that embraces everything, everything reflects it. In his own way, revealing his own colors and his own unique nature. So does a soap bubble. The only difference is that she can not show anything other than what she is. It travels free and transparent, without resistance to the here and now.

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