The Circus of our Heart

The Futbatcute Circus in Peristeri of our Heart.

A spectacular Variete under the supervision of Fabrica Athens at the Exhibition Hall of the Municipality of Peristeri on February 18, 2018 from 12:00 to 14:00.

Futbatcute Circus welcomes you to the unforgettable weather of the Circus. Where for a fleeting moment the dream becomes life and life becomes a dream. A dream that we become children again and in front of us unfolds a bright, unreal world, made of love and stardust. A breathtaking encounter with creatures. Creatures hovering, swirling and balancing in the sky. An inverted reality, spinning galaxies, invisible protagonists and colorful stories of a forgotten secret.

Mr and Mrs Bubble – Φάνης Κατέχος, Giovanna Michaliadi Sarti
Nutellina – Katerina Lalou
Angie and Luigie – Polychronis Tomboris, Angeliki Merentiti
Lia Bade
Konstantinos Konstantinidis
Tina Gourzi
Phaedra Aristopoulou

Act Included:
Soap bubbles
Aerial acrobatic sails
Aerial acrobatic wreath
Hula Hoops
Cyr Wheel