The Life Cycle of the Soap Bubble

The Life Cycle of the Soap Bubble – from Invisible to Visible. Like everything around us, Soap Bubbles make their own life […]

Carnival Soap Bubbles 2019

Carnival Soap Bubbles 2019! Children, parents and those in the family who are looking to put a little color and soap in […]

Bubble Show at Glykofono

Soap Bubbles on a Summer Tour! On Saturday, August 18, at 21:00, a unique Circus-Spectacle with Soap Bubbles by Fabrica Athens! Mr […]

Acrobatics Workshop at Green Camp

Educational programs for children with a focus on the Circus and the art of Acrobatics. The Acrobatics and Circus Workshop “Circ o’Clock” […]

All Inside the Bubbles

A little Water and Soap is enough for a trip to the imagination! A dream world of bubbles unfolds for the children’s […]

Children! Let’s go to the Square!

A unique Bubble Show in the Park The Municipality of Ilioupolis, aiming at entertaining children in creative and imaginative ways and in […]

“I Agkalia” for the Mother

Hug with mom and plenty of bubbles! Mr and Mrs Bubble celebrate Mother’s Day with the “Agkalia” – Unborn Child Protection Association […]