Summer Bubble Show Tour 2021

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Summer Bubble Show Tour 2021
The most summer bubble show will tour in 2021 in Greece, Cyprus and Poland.
This summer, Fabrica Athens’s family bubble show “The Mr and Mrs Bubble Show” will meet children and parents in Athens and Nea Peramo, Peloponnese, Cyprus and Goleniow (Poland). The group in view of the organized summer tour will carry out both the summer bubble show of Mr and Mrs Bubble, as well as other artistic and entertaining activities (theater and street shows, music nights, workshops, seminars, etc.)
The following is the program of the Summer Bubble Show Tour 2021:
  • 03/07, “The Mr and Mrs Bubble Show”, Municipal Theater of Latsia, Cyprus, 15.30 & 17.30
  • 10/07, “The Mr and Mrs Bubble Show”, Nea Peramos Asia Minor Square, 19.00 (free entrance)
  • 13/07, “The Mr and Mrs Bubble Show”, Primary School of Nea Penteli, 19.00 (free entrance, information here)
  • 26/07, “The Mr and Mrs Bubble Show”, 2nd Elementary School of Melission, 19.00 (Free entrance, information here)
  • 31/07 – 08/08, Cultural Week in Methoni, Messinia by Fabrica Athens (free admission, information here)
  • 31/07, Fire Show by Fabrica Athens, Taverna Alector, 21.30
  • 01-08 / 08, Yoga, Camping Methonis Beach, 08.00-09.00
  • 02/08, Circus Lab, Methoni Beach Square, 21.30-23.30
  • 03/08, The Firefighters of Methoni – in collaboration with the Association of Friends of Methoni Castle & the
  • Primary School of Methoni “Georgakopouleio”, Cultural Center of Methoni, 21.30
  • 05/08, Street Theater Show, Camping Methonis, 9.30pm
  • 07/08, Metavasis – Street Performance, Methoni Beach Square, 20.30
  • 08/08, She – Live Music, Modon Restaurant, 21.00
  • 13/08, “The Mr and Mrs Bubble Show” at Back Street Jam for the financial support of the fire victims of Messinia – an initiative of the Skycrew Circus Arts and Kalamata Street Festival, 20.30 (free admission)
  • 26-28 / 08, “The Mr and Mrs Bubble Show”, KidsLand Festival – Municipal Theater of Korydallos “Thanasis Vengos”, 19.30 (information here)
  • 01/09, “The Mr and Mrs Bubble Show”, Βramat Festival 2021 – Goleniow, Poland, 16.00 (free admission)