Soap bubbles at Will o’Wisps

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Soap Bubbles and Spectacle at Will o’Wisps – The Festival.
The spectacular Soap Bubbles and unique circus performances of Mr and Mrs Bubble accompany the Fantasy Choir choir at Will o’Wisps – The Festival.

Fantasy Choir is the first and only choir in Greece, whose repertoire comes exclusively from the world of fantasy (movies, TV series, video games, etc.). And what could be more imaginative than the world of soap bubbles and circuses? The artistic couple of Fabrica Athens, a pioneer in our country with Bubble Performing and the science of Bubble-ology, collaborates with the enchanting choir. Under the musical direction of Charalambos Stergiopoulos – Rouba, the countless soap bubbles of Mr and Mrs Bubble will dance to the magical soundscapes of the choir.

On Sunday, June 2 at 19:00, the public will be able to enjoy an amazing spectacle with original music and soap bubbles. In addition, Mr and Mrs Bubble will accompany the music program with other surprises. It is important to note that Will o’Whips – The Festival supports and will donate part of its proceeds to the Voluntary Non-Profit Organization for Special Care and Protection of Mother and Child “Ark of the World”.

For more information on this year’s edition of Will o’Wisps – The Festival, click here.