Soap bubble show in Livadia

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Soap bubble show in Livadia
On Saturday, October 26, the city of Livadia will stay awake all night.

Another white night will take place under the starry sky, not only for the residents to buy their favorite products, but also for us all to be together in a big celebration.

The Commercial Association, the Municipality of Levadia and the Chamber of Boeotia organize this evening and turn it into a celebration of fun and entertainment. The entertainment, among others, will be undertaken by Pippi Puff Poof and their guests Mr and Mrs Bubble. The artistic couple will contribute to the festive evening with their actions:

  • Mr and Mrs Bubble – The Show, Interactive Show with Soap Bubbles
  • In Orbit – Led Show, Dance Show with Led Hoop
  • Between the World, Action with Stilts