Phoenix Dance, Fire Show, Fire Show / Dance

Through the Ashes

Inside the ashes there is another small flame. A small end to a new, great beginning. A new cycle of existence unfolds through the will and power of the mythical creature. Life celebrates by dancing in the fire. Small sparks light up in the hearts and the beat becomes strong and fast. When the fire in the middle is extinguished, the hearts will light up, beginning the celebration of their wonderful existence.

Fire Festival

A choreography dedicated to joy and the will to live. A dance that takes place between a performer and flaming objects. Flames that not only follow and accompany the dancer, but pass him, surround him, gaining life themselves. Fire dancing, forming fiery tails behind them like falling stars. People become spectators of a purple renaissance landscape, reminiscent of awakening the appetite for action.

Duration: 15 min
Aimed at: 0-100 years old
Addressed events: Festival, Party, Event, Night Events etc.
Performer: 1