Observers of the Soap Bubble

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Let’s Observe BubBLes – Diary of a Bubble Observer

Free Recording of the Findings of Observing a Soap Bubble or Practical Philosophy Lessons from a Soap Bubble

Let’s take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Let’s give ourselves some time and for a moment only let us become Observers of the Soap Bubble!

A dip of our hands in a little Soap Water and our gentle Breath, is enough to enliven a Soap Bubble. But before we start our favorite game “Who will pop the most Soap Bubbles” let’s notice how they spend their ephemeral life:

  1. Transparent Air Ball
    At first glance, when you look at a Soap Bubble, you see nothing more than a transparent ball of air.
  2. Traveling Planet of Changing Colors
    When the wandering, transparent bag encounters a bright beam of light and it is refracted to the tip of our eyes, then a perpetual change of colors and shapes is revealed on its surface.
  3. The Bad Bubble
    The soap bubble without resistance always follows the Wind. On this journey, she wears all the festive colors of the iris and naturally reflects the places and creatures she encounters. However, if we look at it carefully, there comes a time when even a Soap Bubble decides to wear its black and white.
  4. The One with the Place
    So at that moment, when the black and white Soap bubble looks like an unhealthy lemon cup, it makes a big decision. She puts her face aside, pops and all she has – all her Air – becomes one with the Wind that accompanied her for so long.
  5. Invisible Friend
    And how strange… While, the Soap Bubble has become One with the Place and Time that hosted it, while it has left no visible marks, its journey is recorded in memory and remains indelible in our hearts.
But in the end, what is a soap bubble?
What if one sees a Soap Bubble as a Transparent Air Ball and another as a Changing Color Traveling Planet?
Then which of the two is right?

Very nice questions! I see that you were absorbed by the new game “Observers of the Soap Bubble”!

Dear Explorers of the Physalid World,

A Soap Bubble is all that! One form cannot exist without the other. It is like a Seed and the Flower that patiently sprouts from it. Each appearance of the Bubble contains all the others. But we can only observe what light allows us to see.

Which light?

The outside light. What radiates during the day, the sun and the night, the moon. But also the light that is inside us and that its rays shine every time we look at something with heart and mind together.

Changes and conflicts constantly occur within us or with others. But remember these demanding moments, what the Soap Bubble shared with us:

Nothing is more permanent than eternal change and every impact or explosion is an opportunity to get closer to our true selves and the world.

And now, let’s continue our game!