Mr&Mrs Bubble

Mr & Mrs Bubble


Mr&Mrs Bubble invite you to the imaginary world of the bubble.

Two creatures from another era who live in the wandering planet “Bubble”. They travel and open their home to everyone to share their joy of living here and now like a bubble does.

The guests become spectators of a temporary but true scenery of transformation as a transparent world of bubbles unfolds before them. Colourful stories reflect on it and this world constantly changes forms and shapes.

The spectators get carried away by the truth of the moment in the game and they become a part as well as co-creators of this passing world which is made of love, water and soap.


The Mr&Mrs Bubble show is interactive. The audience is asked not only to help the two heroes to share their bubble-inventions with them but also to literally get into an enormous bubble.

Bubbles have the leading role in this performance. Using handmade tools and everyday materials -but in an unreal way- small, medium-sized and huge bubbles are scattered and the spectators get carried away.

Duration: 45min

Ages: 0-100 years old

Director: Fanis Katehos

Performers: Fanis Katehos, Ioanna Michaliadi-Sarti


In 2012 the Multicaltural Group of Art Fabrica Athens created the Mr&Mrs Bubble performance and it was the first to bring Bubble Performing to our country.

The performance emerged from a theatrical research which introduced the scientific field of the bubbles to the team. This field is called Bubble-ology and the team was led to lots of experimentations which continue heretofore, thus evolving and renewing the performance.

Mr&Mrs Bubble were the first to bring their unique inventions such as Bubble Fingers(Fingers which produce bubbles) and Bubble Bike(a bike which produces bubbles) to the world. The Bubble Bike can be added to the performance upon request.

The performance has been presented in numerous and various events. Mr&Mrs Bubble have cooperated with private and public organisations such as:

Municipality of Elefsina (The Christmas of the Little Prince 2015,2016), Moschato-Tavros (2016), Dionysus (2015,2016), Drosia (2016), Athens (Beginning of Christmas Events, 2013)

Hotels (Costa Navarino , Grande Bretagne, Hotel Novotel Athenes, Wyndham Grand Athens, Alkyon Resort Hotel and Spa etc.)

The Christmas Circus- Circus- Dromocosmicas Tent (2017)

Asteroupolis in Ioannina(2016)

Pantelis Voulgaris- 2nd International Festival in Andros –  Nino Rota Special (2016)

Our Festival (Chalandri, 2015)

Inport Festival (Municipal Theatre of Piraeus, 2015)

Athens Circus Festival (2014,2015,2016)

Handmade and Recycled Theater Festival (Fabrica Art Gallery, 2013, 2014)

Festival of Colours (Metaxourgio 2013, 2014)

International Street Festival in Kalamata (July 2013)

Giannis Kakleas (Megaron-The Athens Concert Hall)

The Elves’ Mill (Trikala 2013, 2014)

Technopolis of Municipality of Athens (The Christmas Factory, 2013)

Participation in films, promotional items and video clips