Mr and Mrs Bubble – The Show, Interactive Show with Bubbles, Bubble Show / Circus Theater

Soap bubbles

Mr and Mrs Bubble invite you to the surreal world of the soap bubble.
Two creatures, from another era, living on the wandering planet Saponofuska. They travel and open their home to share with their guests the joy of living here and now, like a soap bubble.
The guests become spectators of a temporary, but true, landscape of transformation as a transparent world of soap bubbles unfolds in front of them, on which colorful stories are reflected and which constantly changes forms and shapes.
The spectators are carried away by the truth of the moment in the game and become part and co-creators of this elusive world made of love, water and soap.

Soap bubble show

Mr and Mrs Bubble’s performance is interactive. The audience is invited, not only to help the two heroes to share with the viewers their soap bubble-inventions, but also to enter the same inside a huge soap bubble (literally).
Soap bubbles play a leading role in performance. With handmade tools and unreal use of everyday objects, small, medium and huge soap bubbles are scattered that travel the spectators.

Duration: 45min
Aimed at: 0-100 years old
Addressed events: Party, Baptism, Event, Festival, School Events etc.
Performers: Fanis Katechos, Giovanna Michaliadi Sarti