Mountain Peaks and Seas 2018- Greece in a Bubble

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Tourist Guide of Greece from Bourboulithres: “Mountain Peaks and Seas – Greece in a Bubble”

“Mountain Peaks and Seas – Greece in a Bubble” is a record of domestic wanderings and discoveries made by the artistic couple Mr and Mrs Bubble through the unique circus-theater show with soap bubbles “Mr and Mrs Bubble – The Show”. The first Bubble Show that Greece experienced, travels inside and outside the country, from the most isolated villages to the brightest cities, illuminating the smiles and the mood of young and old. During the 7 years of active presence in the field of spectacle, circus, theater and bubble performing, the group has entertained, moved and inspired not only children and parents, but also people of all ages, nationalities and social – political – economic groups. The bubbles that the two artists scatter are transparent, without restrictions on the human, as what gives them life is the imagination that springs from every human being – spectator.

The recording consists of photographic material and the description of various places and landscapes, which were stops in the artistic tour of Mr and Mrs Bubble in 2018. This unique experience led to the visit of important but also hidden cultural events and the discovery of forgotten places and monuments of archaeological – historical importance. In addition, the theatrical tour gave the artists the opportunity to visit parts of the Greek map of incredible natural beauty, traditional and modern settlements, steep and coastal, which contributed to experiencing the complementary contrasts of Greece.

It could perhaps be described as an alternative tourist guide to the countless roads and surprises one can encounter in our country. An online photo diary that can inspire you for your future vacations and excursions. But it is definitely a dedication to the people the couple has met, trusted and supported in these journeys. A small gift to honor those who have accompanied them mentally or literally on their endless journey from North to South and from East to West. Because the imprint of all these eyes on the souls of the artists, has been imprinted in this special performance, as a result of which it travels and reminds something real and dreamy to anyone who watches it. We hope, therefore, through the tourist guide “Mountain Peaks and Seas – Greece in a Bubble” to bring to life a new journey through your own eyes and your own imagination. Stay tuned and enjoy!