Message in the Sky, Moving / Static Action with Sparkling Clouds, Walkabout / Reception

Dance between the Clouds

Calls stopped ringing, the internet froze and love messages were derailed. Quiet. But, yes, music is heard from the gramophone again. The dancing aviator returns and romance breathes back into the ethers. With his plane he dances over the territory forming white messages and secrets. Encrypted clouds that only hearts flooded with love and innocence can read. The dreamy waltz between the clouds reveals the secret:

Happiness exists in the Here and Now. The aviator with the plane dance in the sky and the new is spread. The eyes of the loved ones meet and the hugs mingle. The moment comes to life again and the truth radiates in her smiles.

Wandering Foam Clouds

An action with Sparkling Clouds in the shapes of heart, cloud, star and plane. Foam signals that travel high in the sky, announcing the realization of a great celebration. The guests watch the floating “wishes” aim in the air, like fireworks, sharing the joyful event and sowing smiles to the people of the surrounding areas. An “airplane” that produces different foam shapes and that the performer releases in the air, transforming them into sparkling clouds. An action aimed at those who want to share their abundant joy. The performer lures in the floating dream invited and distant spectators, announcing the celebration and creating a sense of curiosity, longing and impression.

Duration: maximum 60 min
Aimed at: 0-100 years old
Events: Wedding, Baptism, Party, Event, Festival, Corporate events
Performers: 1 person