Little Prince and The Pilot, Moving / Static Action with Soap Bubbles and Sparkling Clouds, Walkabout / Reception

Clouds and Meltemia

The tale continues and the Little Prince and the Pilot travel to the Planet of the Sunflower. The planet forgets the company of ethereal beings and the cool days when it played hide and seek. The two heroes start the engines, flying their plane in orbit around the bright planet. Transparent waves and air spheres are generated by the propellers while behind it he paints a white stripe of feather clouds.

Clouds and colorful meltemia fly back to the Sunflower Planet, become friends and count on the next round of the game to begin.

Foam and Soap Bubbles

An “airplane” that produces different foam shapes and that the performers release into the air, transforming them into sparkling clouds. A suitcase with secrets that reveal waves of small and huge soap bubbles. An action aimed at those who want to share their abundant joy. The performers lure invited and distant spectators into the floating dream, announcing the celebration and creating a sense of curiosity, longing and impression.

Duration: maximum 60 min
Aimed at: 0-100 years old
Events: Wedding, Baptism, Party, Event, Festival, Corporate events etc.
Performers: 2 people