Larissa in a Bubble

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The Family Tourist Guide “Mountain Peaks and Seas – Greece in a Bubble” is an online diary of the wanderings of the artistic couple “Mr and Mrs Bubble”.
A record of domestic and world travel made by the Soap Bubble Show “Mr and Mrs Bubble – The Show” to honor the places and people who embrace it.
Larissa, Thessaly

“Dedicated to the overheated public of Larissa”

“A new lung in Larissa”! With these words, the residents described the brand new park, located at the OSE station in the city of Thessaly. Well, we were there invited by Mikel Coffee Company, for an all-day celebration with spectacles from our team and the truth is that this park is a jewel for the people of Larissa and it is worth learning its history.

Next stop “Larissa”

In recent years, when traveling by train and arriving in Larissa, one encounters a neglected place with old, abandoned wagons, which visitors and locals have long since deleted as a destination. On the contrary, we learned that there were many who wanted to get away from him. The change in the history of the park was sought and achieved at the initiative of the leaders of Mikel Coffee Company. After the operation of another “Mikel” store on the railway station, the renovation of the adjacent park began. In addition, with a lot of patience, passion and will, the historic wagons were restored and turned into unique exhibits of an open-air, original museum.

Mikel OSE Park

Museum space, park with garden seating, ornate benches, large chess, outdoor stage and playground with special educators are literally the missing piece from the south-central side of Larissa! All the elements of the park: the gravel, the wooden paths from the old rails, the shadows of the beautiful trees and the smell of the grass together with the possibility to buy one of the special drinks of Mikel create a very friendly environment.Friendly and even, we could say human, as it has made it a priority to host the person and more specifically the child and the family. He has managed to get people out of their homes and get close to people of all ages, from all over the city.


It’s magical what a human initiative can lead to. A thought that becomes action and you follow it with faith and devotion. Thank you very much that this place, made with so much love, invited us and we shared with the warm public of Larissa our actions:

-Mr and Mrs Bubble – The Show
-Cities Apart – Fire Show
-Between the World – Stilts and
-K. Paspandou – Vintage Gentleman Bike

And not to forget, the renovation continues in the rest of the park. Therefore, for those of you who travel along Greece, make a stop in Larissa: drink your coffee, learn the history of the railways and relax until the next train arrives for your destination.