Interactive Show with Soap Bubbles – Our Festival

Fabrica Athens
Mr and Mrs Bubble at Our Festival

This is an interactive soap bubble performance by a group of discounted circus performers. A group of stilt walkers, acrobats, actors and dancers leave their stilt legs and performances in the circus for a while and decide to discover the great secret of happiness. Someone told them that in order to find it they have to make a long journey. They had only to follow the advice and they took the road, they left the road σαν they fell on the soap bubble feast!


It is essentially a thematic show full of huge soap bubbles that brings to life and activates the fairy tale, the imagination, the dream. With elements and references to the circus, the characters dress festively, wearing their elf noses, climbing on their very high stilts, scattering millions of soap bubbles.
An interactive game that evolves throughout the show between the audience and artists and spreads smiles and infinite magic.


Ages: 0-120 years old
Number of participants: 2 ++
About the Festival


Our Festival – 1st Meeting of Solidarity Artists – 14 – 17 September – Theatrical performances, street theater, workshop.


With our common madness of collectivity and our common joy of solidarity, we meet 45 artists in a celebration of free expression, where all together, but also each one alone, put his “hand” to take place.


Four hands are always better than two, eight better than four, sixteen better than eight; and because that could go on forever, take a walk through the ravine to see up close what we mean.
“Our Festival” takes place as part of the ravine festival, “Voices of Freedom”.


Organization: “We – a team of collective culture”.



September 14 – 17
Euripides Theater of Rematia, Profiti Elias pedestrian street, Chalandri
Tel. 210 6820464, 6993076378


Admission free with optional contribution