Inside a Bubble – Reichea

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Reichea in a Bubble.
The Family Tourist Guide “Mountain Peaks and Seas – Greece in a Bubble” is an online diary of the wanderings of the artistic couple “Mr and Mrs Bubble”.
A record of domestic and world travel made by the Soap Bubble Show “Mr and Mrs Bubble – The Show” to honor the places and people who embrace it.
Laconia, Peloponnese

“Dedicated to Elli”

Acrobat on the mountain peaks of eastern Laconia, you are faced with an adventurous, alternating landscape. Rocks, sky and sea compose a three-dimensional canvas that rises in the clouds, dives to the bottom and then again-gets lost in the turns. A unique walk at the time of the sun, where if you follow it to the end it will take you to the small, but rich in beauty Reichea. A small mountain village of the Municipality of Monemvasia, which fits the goods of the whole world, but also the same in a bubble!

In this traditional and at the same time modern side of Greece, he invited us to a new momfor the baptism of the new member of the family. Initially, our hosts welcomed us to their store “Agapis Edesma”. There they offered us their delicious, homemade sweets that they make every day. In the square where the sweet shop is located, there are two well-kept taverns, which, if nothing else, beautify the open air with their arbors and make passers-by smell with their smells. After they welcomed us, they took us to the house where we were staying.

Some surprises were waiting for us there. A house of invaluable traditional value in architecture, structure and decoration, but also a refrigerator full of fresh figs and grapes of the family. And as if that were not enough, we had the good fortune and the opportunity to watch live the process of pressing the grapes and the production of wine. Unexpected gifts of the autumn Peloponnese.

So if you are there, in this place where people know what hospitality means by the above, ask them “Where could we go for a swim?” and they will answer you in Vlychada! The beach of Vlychada is a creek, where its pebbles are followed by blue, crystal clear waters. Ideal place for those bathers looking for some quiet moments of coolness in nature and to get rid of the electronic sounds of mobile phones.

Unusually beautiful with the wild landscape comes and ties a small canteen, in which you can quietly enjoy its few and quality appetizers. The first rain of September found us in this isolated place, turning us into spectators of a natural, living art.

We quickly left to be among beautiful people and to celebrate the baptism of our little friend. Stilts, Gentleman Bicycle and Bubble Show charmed and surprised the villagers, giving us memories of bright smiles and people on the way back.