Inside a Bubble – Lechena

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Lechena in a Bubble.
The Family Tourist Guide “Mountain Peaks and Seas – Greece in a Bubble” is an online diary of the wanderings of the artistic couple “Mr and Mrs Bubble”.
A record of domestic and world travel made by the Soap Bubble Show “Mr and Mrs Bubble – The Show” to honor the places and people who embrace it.
Ilia, Peloponnese

“Dedicated to Markella”

Another summer season found us in the greenest children’s camp. The wonderful “Green Camp” is located on the west coast of the Peloponnese. A childish, utopian community between blue, sparkling white, sand beige and a variety of shades of green. In 2018, it hosted our training workshops “Bubble Factory – Soap Bubble and Handmade Art Workshop” and “Circ O’clock – Workshop of Acrobatics, Circus Techniques and Dexterity”.Old and new campers participated with enthusiasm and zeal, giving us inspiration and increasing the responsibility of maintaining and developing the quality of our children’s educational programs. Awesome lessons of will and imagination from the new flowers of humanity.

In this place, 20 km from the port of Kyllini, we decided to spend the night. Besides, our next destination was Kefalonia and the creperie “So Sweet” in Sami. But, where did we spend the night? In the “villa” of the first floor, in a meadow by the sea! There, the morning breeze woke us up and the smell of burnt wood in our fields motivated us to explore the land unknown to us. It is impressive that places change appearance. Different under the night sky, different in daylight. So with Avgoula, we discovered that we were a few meters away from the hidden Lagoon of Kotychi.

Part of the “Kotychi – Strofilia National Wetlands Park”, the Lagoon is a huge area with rich vegetation and unique fauna. As you walk on the dirt path between the Ionian Sea and the Coastal Forest of Strofilia, you can meet hard-to-find friends: Sea lilies, migratory birds and aquatic creatures, which accompany you all the way. This peaceful and enjoyable road ends in a secluded and mysterious settlement. But without expecting it, through the seemingly abandoned houses, a whole new world emerges, reminiscent of a forgotten “Atlantis”.

In this remote part of the map of Greece, there is a Natural Fish Farm or Divari. First in the reception of the settlement, are the four-legged, friendly keepers of the fish farm. Then the hosts, fishermen, appear. Tired of the salt and the sun for so many years, they never lose the mood and the desire to show you the swallows. At the moment, they stand up and guide you to the bottom of the lake. Flaming waters, crabs, mullets, eels and special fishing techniques are some of the secrets they shared with us. Secrets that “greyhound” cats have smelled long ago and are on vacation all day and all night at the end of the dirt road.

With this image, full of sea, fish, cats and fishermen with straw hats, this journey of knowledge and beauty ended. Besides, the fishing season started the next day. It was now August.