In Orbit, Spectacle with Led Hoop, Led Show / Juggling

Rotating Galaxies

Light and color are born in the darkness. In the emptiness and quiet of space, music springs up. Colorful explosions form new galaxies in new orbits and velocities. In front of the unknown, the smile, the looks and the emotions come to life. A universe that constantly expands its embrace allowing light to enter the hearts of all creatures.

Colorful Led Show

Five bright wreaths orbit to take viewers on an inter-galactic world. The colorful hula hoops move in unusual ways and rhythms, creating unique formations and images. Imagination travels and people forget the real. A light feeling of peace and enjoyment of a unique visual spectacle.

Duration: 7 min
Aimed at: 0-100 years old
Addressed events: Festival, Party, Event, Night Events etc.
Performer: 1