Hoop the Square, Interactive Performance with Hula Hoop, Circus / Street Theater

The circulation of the Square

In the beginning it was the circle. But the circle was squared and the squares were left empty. The scientific authorities leave their laboratories and return to the place of the mystery. The experiment and the investigation of the scientists arouse the curiosity of the residents, who head back to the square. The mystery reveals its helical shape. The straight lines curve and an inverted reality casts the masks, letting the truth shine.

Hula Hoop in motion

A man who lives in a square-poetic reality decides to give his own “shape” to the world. His unique tool is five hula hoop. Through tricks, maneuvers and dance combinations with the circles, it reverses the course of history. The points and the people come together, the audience helps the performer, building a show that is captured in the smiles and thoughts of the audience and passers-by.

Duration: 7 min (Solo Performance, without audience participation) / 20 min (Interactive Performance)
Aimed at: 0-100 years old
Events: Festival, Party, Event, Street Spectacles etc.
Performer: 1