Christmas Soap Bubbles for Doctors of the World

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Christmas Soap Bubble Shows for Doctors of the World.
Mr and Mrs Bubble and Fabrica Athens will perform a Soap Bubble Show and other Christmas surprises for Doctors of the World in downtown Athens.

The spectacular show with Soap Bubbles “Mr and Mrs Bubble – The Show” will take place on Friday, December 14 at the Propylaea (Panepistimio Metro Station) at 11:30. The audience will be welcomed by playful stilt walkers, while at 18:00 they will be able to watch a magical Fire Show.

“Mr and Mrs Bubble – The Show” is an interactive Bubble Show with basic ingredients of soap and imagination! The two heroes scatter smiles on children and adults with their countless bubbles, while those who truly believe in dreams get into huge bubbles! Combining techniques and elements from the world of Circus, Theater and Bubble Performing, a unique, visual spectacle of soap bubbles is created, which is addressed to the whole family! The fire show that will follow in the afternoon is an impressive Street Spectacle, where the protagonists meander and dance among flames.

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