Children’s Events in Athens

Παιδικες εκδηλώσεις και παραστάσεις με σαπουνόφουσκες στην Αθήνα
Children’s Events and Performances in the Center of Athens!
The most handmade space in the center of Athens hosts your family events with a variety of educational, entertainment and spectacles. Children and parents are left to the creative and imaginative activities of Fabrica Athens and Mr and Mrs Bubble.
The most handmade place in Athens!

In the familiar and handmade space of Fabrica Artspace you can hold children’s, family and all kinds of events. Head 350 meters northeast of Kerameikos Metro Station. There, in the historic center of Athens, is the site of the Fabrica Athens Multiactive Art Group. The ideal corner for those who want to celebrate in a handmade and artistic environment.

Original Actions for Children and the Family!

The individual ideas and actions of the team are the main components for the realization of a unique event. Its aesthetics revolve around the world of handmade and recyclable, DIY and DIT. In addition, the artistic and entertainment events it offers have the texture of another era and are based on the art of circus and theater. Therefore, they promote not only the quality indulgence of young and old, but also their creative employment.

Creative Jobs, Performances, Entertainment and Training Workshops by Fabrica Athens and Mr and Mrs Bubble:

are some of the actions you can choose from the team portfolio to enrich your events.

Homemade Tastes in the city center!

In addition, to complete the package you can accompany the warm and fun atmosphere of your celebration with fresh, homemade delicacies.“Homemade” food depending on your dietary preferences (vegeterian, vegan etc) are prepared to please you and complete the triptych of a successful event.