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 Soap Bubbles Street

In the background a bell, a tickling and an unforgettable voice are heard. In the neighborhood, young and old, leave their homes to catch the enthusiastic, fleeting call. The wandering bench with the Soap Bubbles is on its way. Wandering cooks of the Soap bubble, return to the neighborhoods of the world to remind a forgotten secret. Colorful soap bubbles that reflect daylight and the memory of a bright truth. The inhabitants are lost in time, they become transparent and the shadow of their imagination comes to life. Hearts open and the seed of happiness blooms. The dream passers-by offer their transparent delicacies, flooding the souls of the inhabitants with love, water and soap. The dream comes true and their wandering continues.

Walking / Cycling Action with Soap Bubbles

A wandering kiosk that distributes delicious Soap Bubbles, as in the old neighborhood ice cream parlor, offered cool ice creams and pastries. A parade of carefree Bubbles traveling in space and time. A majestic visual spectacle, which claims a special place in the heart of the passer-by, coloring his day.

Duration: By appointment
Aimed at: 0-100 years old
Events: Parade, Wedding, Baptism, Party, Event, Festival
Performers: 2 people