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Online Yoga classes

Online Yoga Classes by Fabrica Athens. The Fabrica Lab 2020 Yoga classes are transferred online and take place through the zoom platform.

Yoga Class

Yoga classes are a personal encounter with the breath, body and mind.
The space and what it includes.
Meeting with the inside, the outside and the space between them.
With pause and silence.
A link to I Am That.
A step towards True Nature.

The lessons are based on classic Yoga practices, such as those of Yengar Yoga, Nada Yoga and Hatha Yoga. In this context we will move progressively from physical actions (asana) and breathing exercises (pranayama) to meditation (dhyana) and will touch on parts of the philosophy of Yoga (Yoga Sutras) and the anatomy of the body for a more effective and comprehensible practice. Each lesson will be independent. There will be a connection and continuity between the courses.

The aim of these courses is to be a small retreat or otherwise a short break in everyday life. To create space and time for each person for personal training and relaxation of the body and mind, so that the practitioner returns to the whole rejuvenated. In addition, in a more general context, the courses aim to:

  • Connect the trainee with the present moment.
  • Redefine our axis, center and boundaries.
  • Encourage a journey of self-knowledge.
  • To discover – create one’s own personal daily practice (sadhana), to achieve their goals.

Those interested in attending the classes are kindly requested to wear comfortable, sporty clothes with a fitted line.

The course is addressed to all those who need and appetite for an active break from well-being during their day.

Early booking is required to participate in the online course

Rapporteur: Giovanna Michaliadi Sarti


Lesson: Yoga

Where: Online through the zoom platform

When: Every Saturday 11: 00-12: 00

Information / reservations: At +30 6949409474 (by phone & by SMS) & at

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