“Who was the killer of my brother” by G. Vizyinos from the group “Chimera”

Τεχνοχώρος Φάμπρικα
“Who was the killer of my brother” by G. Vizyinos from the group “Chimera”
The group “Chimera” presents at Art Space Fabrika, the short story of Georgios Vizyinos, “Who was my brother’s killer”.

The play:

In the short story “Who was my brother’s killer” G. Vizyinos narrates the events surrounding the death of his brother, Christakis, as well as the anxious efforts of the mother to find the murderer of her child. The story begins in Constantinople where George meets after several years his mother and his brother, Michael. There they will be hosted in their home by a Turkish family, who want to thank the author’s mother in this way, because she had treated for seven months Kiamilis, the son of the Turkish family, whom he had found covered in blood on the street. The stories of the heroes begin to unfold and with them the murders of the past come to life.

The show:

Three actors undertake to play all the roles in the play. Eight portraits and a backdrop, balancing between childhood and realism, are their tools for a journey through time in order to find the truth. Through the elaborate plot, the deep alternations of emotions and finally the reversal, the original and complete characters of the work are revealed. The diffuse emotion and sympathy concerns real persons and not fictional characters, a fact that underlines the autobiographical character of the work.

Performance elements:

Directed by: Chimera Group
Cast: Elina Giannaki, Rebecca Giannaki, Nikos Koufakis
Art Curator: Christina Dimakogianni
Text editing: Matina Karagianni
Photo: Vera Hotzoglou
Poster: Christina Dimakogianni, Vera Hotzoglou
Duration: 60 minutes
Location: Technoporos Fabrica, 125 Meg. Alexandrou & Evrymedontos – Kerameikos.
Ticket price: General Admission: 8 €
Pupils / Students, Disabled, Unemployment & Holding Card Holders, people over 65 years: 5 €
Information – reservations: 6989669104

From December 5 every Saturday-Sunday at 19:00.