Uzina Mekanike – Photography Exhibition – 20/07/2020 to 15/08/2020

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Photo Exhibition : “Uzina Mekanike

A different photography exhibition entitled “Uzina Mekanike” opens its gates to the public at the Fabrica Technopark. From Monday, July 20 at 19:00 until August 15, the photographer Marionella Santzakou presents the exhibition “Uzina Mekanike

Marionella Santzakou is a graduate of the TEI of Athens, Department of Photography and Audiovisual Arts. She is originally from Albania but has grown up in Athens and has been living in London for the last four years. He has participated in the group exhibition of PhotoVision 2015 with the Darkroom Creative Project team with cyan prints. With oscillations between art photography and reporting, Marionella on a trip to her hometown came as a surprise with a very old factory, the Machine Shop and the Foundry of the city.

The exhibition consists of photographs of the employees of an old Machine Shop and Foundry in the city of Kucove, Albania, as well as of the factory itself. The machine shop and the foundry belong to the Petroleum Engineering Center where it was created in 1956 and even now maintains about 203 families. The purpose of the essay is to capture the atmosphere that existed reminiscent of another decade. Because, although everything is quite old and the factory looks abandoned, in reality everything is working properly as in the new factories.

When: 20/07/2020 – 15/08/2020
Opening: 20/07/2020 at 19:00
Where: Fabrica Athens, 125 Megalou Alexandrou & Evrymedontos Keramikos, Athens