Urban Landscape / Christos Maltezos – Photo Exhibition – 09 to 25/18

Χρήστος Μαλτέζος Εκθέσεις Φωτογραφίας Τεχνοχώρος Φάμπρικα

Fabrica Athens and Fabrica Artspace host Christos Maltezos and the Photography Exhibition “Urban Landscape”.

Christos Maltezos returns to the handmade space of Athens with a special photography exhibition, which is followed by a two-month Creative Photography Seminar. For the creation of the exhibition and the photo the artist writes:

The title of the exhibition has been given because the photographs are in the urban environment that defines my work, since I always photograph outdoors utilizing the elements of the city in combination with the human being. Highlighting forms, textures, through plasticity and composition, utilizing the means of pure photography. Far from the obvious of mental thoughts, everyday scenes, ordinary, gain another weight. In order to create intense images from “nothing”.
When you approach photography creatively, you realize the rare privilege you have, to create with light, as the only material you have been given. So you have to learn to sculpt light, through their forms and manifestations, creating images that have a reason to exist. You also perceive time that has three aspects: External time, which is the movement and changes of the real and is the starting point of creation.
Time as light appears during the day, shaping the forms. The time of creation that represents the look, the thought and the existence of the creator. These three versions of time must coincide at the time of creation.
Creation in photography is intertwined with the duration of the moment that is imperceptible in perception and you need a special sense to be able to create with instinct, transfusing your existence into what you create or to be able to “note in the moment when you manage to spring and give it duration ”. The gaze represents the thought that makes the balance in the composition of the forms, it is the means of conversation with the outside world and its organization in a context. I see in the photo means I think, I feel, I exist.
Creation is a constant struggle with the material to express the unspeakable. I photograph means I create my own world and I need a language that will express reality in a transcendental form. So that insignificant moments acquire theatricality, they take on sculptural value, they are transformed. It is the ability to create infinity through the finite. Expressing true causes of existence.
Visit the page of Christos Maltezos: https://bwphotoscm.blogspot.com/