Tres Sure – Maybe A Company – 02/11 to 28/12

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Tres Sure – Maybe A Company – 02/11 to 28/12

The Tres Sure clown show at the Fabrica Art Space theater.

The Fabrica Athens Multi-active Art Group welcomes the Maybe A Company Group, which was awarded the 1st Prize at the 7th Handmade and Recycled Theater Company.

The play Tres sure and the team Maybe A Company, was awarded the 1st prize – Commission Award – at the 7th HRTF, which includes 8 performances at the Fabrica Theater Stage with free theater donation by the Fabrica Athens team.

“Sarah! Take this and him and go clean Fabrica. This is your last chance otherwise look for another job! ”

Two clowns have a common mission, to clean the theater space. When they arrive on stage the audience is already there. And now? They have to justify their presence. They have the cleaning equipment, they have the will but they have no idea how to use it. Trying to understand their use, they find an opportunity to play with every discovery, with every emotion, with their existence.


The Clown lives in simplicity and freedom, without anxiety for success! He acts like a child, lives in the here and now, moves on the basis of impulse and shares with everyone the emotions that are created every moment. It is the best version of ourselves because it finds pleasure in its existence – as it is. Succeeds when it fails…

The Clown comes on stage as if he is about to make a free fall, without a parachute! Absolutely brave and generous!… This is how he saves his life!


Starring: Inigo Garcia Cantero, Christina Petroleka
Directed by: Francisco Brito


When: Saturday 2, 9, 16, 30/11 and 7, 14, 21, 28/12
Time: 18:45
Duration: 50 minutes
Ticket: 5 euros children, 7 euros adults
Reservations: via
Venue: Fabrica Theater Stage – Fabrica Theater Stage