Transparent Chalk – Presentation of a poetry collection – 25/05/15

Τεχνοχώρος Φάμπρικα
Transparent Chalk – Presentation of a poetry collection
On Monday, May 25, the publications “Anonymous Book” and Efstathia Pavlou Katraki will present “Transparent Chalk” at the Fabrica Artspace at 8.00 pm.

Transparent Chalk

I leave my suitcases behind, / full of memories and habits./ I keep nothing from my old life./ I open the train window / and breathe air, sky, sun, sea, earth./ I finally let that fall black stone, / which I carry on me since I was little./ You know, I never told you my real name./ My name is Eleftheria.

Poems with free verse or with rhyme, but also poems with moderation that could be set to music. With simple and comprehensive verse, they ask questions about social reality, about what keeps us captive to ourselves, about our favorite oppressive habits. The images of poetry, sometimes blurred and sometimes crystal clear, reveal to us the constant attempt to escape from reality.

Efstathia Pavlou Katraki was born and raised in a neighborhood in the Vryoni district of Piraeus. He is the sixth child of a working class family. He studied journalism and worked for many years for print and radio. It follows the traces of the transparent chalk engraved by its lyrics, trying to decode words, emotions, sounds and images that originate from the everyday life of man.