Theatrical Writing Seminar – Jeton Neziraj – 05 to 10/11/18

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Theatrical Writing Seminar – Jeton Neziraj – 05 to 10/11/18

Between The Seas Festival is organizing the Theatrical Writing Seminar with Jeton Neziraj. Fabrica Athens will host the lessons of the award-winning author, which will be held in the reading room of Technophoros Fabrica.

During this special seminar the participants will gather some theoretical knowledge, while they will be given the opportunity to write their own, small theatrical texts. Moving in the thematic context “From new writing to post-dramatic theater” there will be various discussions, but also practical exercises for a new type of theatrical writing, including post-dramatic theater. The material that will be created by the participants during the days of the workshop will be presented on the last day of the seminar in a closed type presentation with selected guests.

The seminar is open to young writers, playwrights, literature students, journalists, but also those who are interested and love writing and theater.

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