Theater & Folk Song – Daniel Jacewicz (Teatr Brama)

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Theater & Folk Song – Daniel Jacewicz (Teatr Brama)

Theater & Folk Song – Daniel Jacewicz (Teatr Brama)

Theater & Folk Song Workshop with Daniel Jacewicz, founder of the Polish Theater and Organization, Teatr Brama, at the Fabrica Artspace.

The Multifunctional Art Group Fabrica Athens is very pleased to host Daniel Jacewicz, the inspirer of the Teatr Brama (Gateway Theater), at the Fabrica Technopark, for a Theater and Folk Song Workshop. The great Polish director, actor, theater educator and cultural director, with important work in community theater and general applied theater with his team, Teatr Brama, is coming to Athens for the first time with a two-day open workshop. The workshop will focus on Theater and Song techniques, using the body, the emotion, the voice and the relationship between the performers on stage.

Target Audience

The workshop is aimed at professional actors, performers and performers, students of drama and related schools, people who are engaged in practical or theoretical level with the performing arts, are interested in the content of the workshop and want to commit to this experience. It is necessary to book a place by phone, due to the limited number of participants, while for the participation there is a symbolic contribution of 10 euros for the 2 days, wanting in this difficult period we are going to support high quality education, culture, intercultural dialogue and the (artistic) community.

Theater & Folk Song

Workshop Description

For over 25 years, Teatr Brama has developed its own workshop method by creating an ideal space for creativity, education and self-improvement. In his activities he aims at the honest relationship with the participants by building it with devotion to their needs and interests.

This particular Teatr Brama workshop with Daniel Jacewicz provides the opportunity to develop creativity, discovering the physical abilities of the participants in an atmosphere of enjoyment, fun, humor and understanding, aiming at the freedom of expression of thoughts and feelings.

The techniques of the workshop are based on many years of experience and work with actors. The workshop encourages participants to honestly seek their authentic expression in art, through movements, acrobatics, storytelling, acting, rhythm and song. They will be taught what is considered most interesting to see on stage, hatching the theatrical consciousness and the relationship between fellow actors. Due to the intense techniques used, the advantage of the workshop is that participants engage in a process of development, the purpose of which is confidence, emotional deposition and body expression through movement.

The workshop includes: Basic theatrical methods, theatrical training, vocal exercises, use of the body as a musical instrument, use of traditional songs, orthophony, exercises that make the participants realize their body on stage.

More specifically, they will have the opportunity to learn about theatrical techniques that help them practice their voice freely and in a controlled manner. They will focus on the connection of body, voice and emotions, which in the view of Teatr Brama, is the key to discovering and empowering the artistic potential of the participants. Finally, we will explore through songs the true meaning of theatrical dialogue. The song can be a therapeutic experience for the group, thus strengthening and developing the relationship between its members.

Daniel Jacewicz
Theater director, actor, cultural animator, theater instructor

In 1996, in Goleniow (PL) he founded Teatr Brama, an independent theatre and association (NGO) combining artistic, educational and cultural activities. He is the originator and producer of the BRAMAT Theater Festival and the Laknienia Festival of Youth Theater. He is a longtime animator for local, national and international theater activities and projects and winner of most major off theater awards. He is the initiator of multidirectional cooperation networks between local and national artists and centers (including the Polish Theater Offensive, West Pomeranian Theater Offensive) and initiator of many international projects. He is the leader of a theater center, founded in 2012 and headquartered in Goleniów, where cyclical program activities directed primarily to the local community (children, youth, adults and seniors) are carried out while promoting multiculturalism. Every year Teatr Brama hosts EVS/ESC volunteers, thanks to which Goleniów has become one of the important centers of European volunteering.


For over 25 years, Teatr Brama has developed its own method of creating an ideal space for creativity, education, engagement and self-development. In our educational activities we focus on partnerships with participants, honesty and attentiveness to the needs and interests of the participants. Teatr Brama’s workshops always have a flexible formula that can be modified to each meeting.

Teatr Brama has developed its own method of work, which consists in developing potential and creativity, discovering the participants’ natural abilities, creating a fun atmosphere that allows for open, free exploration. Participants at the workshop learn to share responsibility, to create space and community.

Methods of work are based on several years of experience of working with actors. Our work encourages individuals to search for sincere and authentic expression in art, utilizing physical movement, acrobatics, storytelling, dramatic acting, rhythm, music and singing. We teach what we feel is most interesting to see on stage – encouraging theatrical spirit, consciousness and developing relationship to fellow actors. Due to our intensive methods, the advantage of our workshops is that our participants become highly involved in a transformative process. Workshops activate and open the group because integration is essential. The purpose is building trust, emotional statements and body expression through movement, voice and improvisation exercises. Our workshops nurture a creative working environment for young artists.

Workshops include: theatrical training, vocal work, use of the body as an instrument, utilizing archaic folk songs, work with language, diction and enunciation, exercises to make participants conscious of their body on stage, stage work, elementary theatrical tasks, stage and set construction, impulse exercises and reactions to the acting process and performance preparation including all participants of the workshop.

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Summary Information

Title: Theater & Folk Song
Rapporteur: Daniel Jacewicz (Goleniow, Poland)
Dates & Hours:
November 19, 2021, 18:30 – 21:30
November 20, 2021, 7:30 – 10:30 p.m.
Participation fee:
Symbolic contribution – 10 euros
Language: English (with simultaneous translation into Greek)