“The King is dying (Le Roi se meurt)” – Chimera Team – from 05/11/16

Ο Βασιλιάς Πεθαίνει του Ευγένιου Ιονέσκο - Τεχνοχώρος Φάμπρικα
“The King is dying (Le Roi se meurt)” – Chimera Team – from 05/11/16
The Chimera group presents the play “The King dies (Le Roi se meurt)” by Eugenios Ionesco, directed by Elina Giannaki from November 5 to December 18, every Saturday and Sunday.


Berange is a king with a weakened power whose kingdom is collapsing. Queen Marie and Queen Marguerite (the king’s wives), as well as the doctor-astrologer-bacteriologist-executioner-cleaner, announce to Berange his imminent death. Written in the aftermath of World War II, it is a deeply political and philosophical work. In this work, Ionesco deals with the fear of death with an ironic look.


The work “The King dies” (Le Roi se meurt) by Eugene Ionesco was first presented in 1962 in Paris and is considered the most mature and most subversive work, according to Ionesco. In the work, dipoles are developed and confronted such as the past and the future, the old and the new, emotion and logic, the masculine and the feminine. While Ionesco is accustomed to constantly introducing new faces or characters in his works (for example, rhinos are constantly appearing in Rhinos), in “The King Dies” the kingdom and the characters gradually disappear. Ionesco said in an interview in 1966 about this work: “When I wrote ‘The King Dies’ everyone said ‘Leave the avant-garde works and it becomes a classic!’ There was never an issue between the classic and the avant-garde. “I wrote in a different style simply because I was on a different level of consciousness.” Ionesco had also said that he wrote this work while he was ill and feared that he would die. In fact, he was inspired by a childish thought about death, according to which one can simply refuse to get sick and thus live forever.


The group “Chimera” is a theatrical group that was created in the summer of 2015. Last winter, it presented to the theatrical audience of Athens the play “Who was the murderer of my brother” by Georgios Vizyinos. The group consists of Elina Giannaki (actress-director), Rebecca Giannaki (actress), Nikos Koufaki (actress) and Gerasimos Pavlou (actress).


The work speaks of power in any form (emotional, logical, authoritarian). Each character in the play tries to impose and win at any cost. There are no psychographs of characters as much as ideas and positions that are opposed. The arrogant and benevolent King refuses to accept that he must abdicate his throne, but also his own life, although all signs point to this.

Driven by the political and social development of our country, in our show we tried to emphasize the need for a radical change of the political and social scene so far but also the need to create more solid, substantial and sincere feelings.

Elina Giannaki


Project Title: The King Dies

Translation – Direction: Elina Giannaki

Movement: Evangelia Kolyra

Photos: Vangelis Evangeliou

Cast: Elina Giannaki, Rebecca Giannaki, Nikos Koufakis, Gerasimos Pavlou

Duration: 60 minutes

Venue: Fabrica Technopark

Meg. Alexandrou 125, Athens 104 35

Reservations: 6989669104

Performances: Saturday and Sunday from November 5 to Sunday, December 18

Hours: Saturday 21:00 / Sunday 19:00

Ticket Price: General Admission: 10 € – Students / Unemployed: 5 €

Find us on our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ximairatheatikesparastaseis/

And on our official website: http://omadaximaira.webnode.gr