Silence… We are leaving shortly – Bohemian Group – from 17/01/18

Σιωπή... Σε λίγο φεύγουμε- Ομάδα Μποέμ
Silence… We are leaving shortly – Bohemian Group
Maria Kanigaridou’s play “Silence… In a little while we leave”, directed by Alexis Vidalakis is hosted at the Fabrica Technopark from January 17, 2018, every Wednesday at 21:00.

Two sisters who live in a world of their own between the real and the imaginary. One night is covered by words that are listened to carefully and dissolved by the silence in the air. What is said is lost at once and is reborn with new words. It all belongs to a living sense of the now, an unheard of real moment where the past manifests itself only to swallow itself. And the way out…?


Text: Maria Kanigaridou

Directed by: Alexis Vidalaki

Cast: Petroula Mantzoukidou, Konstantina Vlavianou


Performances: from January 17 to March 7

Day and time: Wednesday at 21:00

Reservations: 6982792104

Venue: Fabrica Technochoros, 125 Megalou Alexandrou & Evrymedontos, Kerameikos, Athens