Short Films: “Piece of Heaven” and “My Plan” – 13/10/2014

Short Films: “Piece of Heaven” and “My Plan” – 13/10/2014

“Piece of Heaven” (23 ′)

a short film by Nikolas Makris

Plot summary

Athens 2013. Two young parents try to cope with the blows of the crisis. For little Orestes, every star that falls is a wish that comes true. Mom stays home, does not go to work. So is dad. In every sigh of the big ones there is a smile of the little one. How long will a story like this last? What are the limits of optimism?

Starring: Orestis Tziovas, Dani Giannakopoulou, Lazaros Zois, Ariadne Kavalierou, Thodoris Bouzikakos, Haris Symeonidou, Tassos Christofilopoulos

Directed by Nikolas Makris

Written by Nikolas Makris

Screenplay adaptation: Nikolas Makris

Long Weekend Studio

Long Weekend production

«My plan» (7 ′)

a short film by Michalis Gigintis


Today his plan says to smile at all times, to everyone. To look for anything new that could move him. To get excited. To find his higher self.

But not everyone has the appetite of… Besides, they have their own plans.

Starring: Costas Silvestros, Fotini Atheridou Giannis Bisbikopoulos, Antela Mermiga Ioanna Kanelopoulou, Ioannis Kapeleris, Elias Kirilos, Fotini Baklatzioglou, Ariadni Kavalierou

Written by Billy Carson jr.

Directed / edited by Michael Gigintis

D.o.p Vasilis Stavropoulos

Post production Filenia Kartsonaki

Costumes by Dafnie

Sound_design / music manolis Kartsonakis

Production manager Antonis Stelianesis

Editing curator Nicolas Makris