Seminar of Odin Teatret in Athens – 30/06 to 03/07

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Seminar of Odig Teatrit in Athens – 30 / 06 to 03/07

The Multi-activel Art Group Fabrica Athens organizes a four-day, intensive seminar of the Odin Teatret in Athens, with Master Donald Kitt. During the seminar, Fanis Katechos, co-founder of Fabrica Athens and presenter of the “Theater of Research – Theater of Research” will collaborate with the Canadian Master – Performer.

Odin Teatret’s seminar “Sticks and Stones – a process in Search of Hidden Meanings” focuses on several aspects:

  • the physical education of the actor – performer
  • the evolution of actions inspired by the use of an object
  • voice exploration: discovery of personal rhythm, spatial perception – consciousness and dynamism.

The work of the actors – performers in the seminar evolves from the creation of a personal material with the collaborative use of poles and is completed with an editing. Throughout the development of this material, the participating artists will combine it with texts, songs and the use of space. The seminar aims to encourage a personal process that unlocks hidden meanings.

The Odin Teatret seminar that will take place in Athens is addressed to actors, performers, but also to theorists who wish to be listeners of the seminar.

Participants must attend all 4 days of the seminar. Be consistent in its start and end time. In addition, they need to know a text and a song from the outside, as well as a phrase from an expression or a children’s song. Finally, for their participation they will need to wear comfortable, sportswear.

To apply, it is necessary to send an e-mail with the subject “Hidden Meanings – Name” and attach a CV to the following email. Applications will be accepted until Sunday, June 2. Those who register will receive a reply email for their participation until Wednesday 5 June

Speakers: Donald Kitt – Odin Teatret, Fanis Katechos – Fabrica Athens
Dates: Sunday 30/06 to Wednesday 03/07 (4 days)
Sunday 30/06, 10:30 – 15:30
Monday 01/07, Tuesday 02/07 and Wednesday 03/07, 17:30 – 22:30
Total Hours: 20 hours
Participation Cost: 180 euros
Information, Registration Forms: +30 6949409474,
Number of Participants: 16
Number of Participating Listeners: 4
Rhythm Hoppers Studio, Evrymedontos 8, Kerameikos
Fabrica Theater Stage – Fabrica Technochoros, 125 Megalou Alexandrou & Evrymedontos, Kerameikos

Curriculum Vitae of Donald Kitt:

Donald Kitt was born in Canada in 1964, shortly after the creation of the Odin Teatret. After graduating from the University of Winnipeg, he starred in numerous plays until 1989. That year, he co-founded Primus Theater in Canada, a company specializing in original, interdisciplinary performances. The company has toured throughout Canada, the US and Europe. In 1998, the company ceased operations and Donald Kitt moved to Italy. There he worked as a performer, teacher and stilt trainer.

Donald studied and was a performer of the Indonesian dance “Topeng” in Bali (1996). under the guidance of Balinese Teacher I Made Djimat. In 2006 Donald became a member of the Odin Teatret. In parallel with his interpretive work, he directs and teaches in workshops. He is a stilt performer and trains young stilt walkers and performers involved in exchanges and transformations in the social environment (theatrical-poetry of a specific social environment) in Denmark.

Curriculum Vitae of Fanis Holder:

Φάνης Κατέχος