Samuel Beckett’s “first love”

Samuel Beckett’s “first love”
“I would need other loves, maybe. But no one orders love. What we call love, is the exile with a postcard from the homeland from time to time, that’s how I feel tonight “.
Samuel Beckett.

Director’s note:
Beckett’s “First Love” is a love of mine, which began a few years ago, during the studies in the workshop of Akis Davis.

That imaginary world we create to stop feeling alone, there are periods in our lives that become our greatest love. It becomes our world that we turn in him or he around us. “It does not prove anything, but I do not want to prove anything.”

Poetic theater by a poet-writer. Against the “poisonous trivia” of everyday life as Beckett writes. And in a way of life, full of first loves.

Performance ID:
Directed by: Giannis Mytilinos
Cast: Thekla Gaiti and Vangelis Evangeliou
Costumes: Vera Anastasakou
Choreography: Eva Tsourou

Every Saturday at the Fabrica Technopark
Performance time: 19:00
Duration: 58 minutes
Admission with free contribution
Reservations: 6945349034