RUINS – The Chronicle of an Expedition – 07/05/2014

RUINS – The Chronicle of an Expedition – 07/05/2014

A documentary about the shocking case of HIV criminalization in Greece. The story of the persecution of HIV-positive women, who were brought in by the Greek Police, underwent forced HIV tests, were remanded in custody for a felony, and were finally released when their photos and personal data were published in the media, a few days before the 6th national elections. May 2012.

Admission free and open to all.

This will be followed by a discussion with Loukas Stamellos (member of the documentary production team) and social anthropologist Rania Mylonas.

At the screening there will be a box of financial support, with a free contribution, to support the various court cases of persecuted HIV-positive women, whether they are cases that are still being prosecuted in Greek courts, or they are lawsuits and appeals that they have made themselves. against the Greek authorities in Greek and European courts.

Update: Watch the documentary online