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QiGong – ShenDao online lessons

Qi Gong ShenDao online lessons from Fabrica Athens. The QiGong-ShenDao lessons of Fabrica Lab 2020 are transferred online and carried out through the zoom platform.

QiGong ShenDao

Qigong-ShenDao is based on the normal and basic principles of movement. Through this, we discover that every movement of our body is the consequence of an internal movement of energy. Its practice leads to a better functioning of the nervous and musculoskeletal system, as well as the internal organs. It offers us health and well-being and allows us to reconnect with joy and Life. For those who engage in a form of physical / artistic expression, ShenDao is a valuable tool as it enhances vitality and presence, giving flow and precision to movement. In a first phase, it allows us to be a conduit of energy, to guide it and to store it.

Early booking is required to attend QiGong ShenDao courses

Rapporteur: Emilios Italikos

QiGong ShenDao online lessons
Lesson: QiGong ShenDao

Where: Online through the zoom platform

When: Wednesday 19:30 – 21:00

Information / Reservations: By phone +30 6974904352 (by phone or SMS) & by email: iaimilios8@gmail.com

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