Puppet show – Italo Pecoretti & Follemente Company

Teatro delle dodici lune (Italo Pecoretti), Follemente Company
Puppet show – Italo Pecoretti & Follemente Company
Two puppet players from Italy are coming for a unique show at the Fabrica Technopark on Tuesday, March 13th!

The “Teatro delle dodici lune” by the puppeteer Italo Pecoretti presents the play “PULCINELLA, death and miracles (PULCINELLA, death and miracles)”.
Pulcinella’s fate is to face the invitations of life with his unparalleled sympathy – and he does it without words, he moves with the music that now makes the show purer and riveting, keeping the audience with simplicity!

The “Follemente Company” comes with the “Light (Leggero)”.
Light is a happy mix between a comedy that takes your breath away and a sensitive melancholy.
The light is a feather, its flying and its attempt to slip on every face and “lift” you!
The light is a musical cabaret with dolls, suitable for any audience!

When: Tuesday 13 March at 21:30
Where: Fabrica Technochoros, 125 Meg. Alexandrou & Evrymedontos, Kerameikos
Free entrance!

Teatro delle dodici lune- www.teatrododicilune.it
Follemente Company- ftftft.follemente.com