My Life in the Bush of Wedding – Photo Exhibition from 06/11/15

bush of weddings
Fabrica Artspace presents the exhibition of the photographer alexandros o’pastor, entitled “My Life in the Bush of Weddings”.

My Life in the Bush of Weddings

Everything is a Way. Way of seeing, Way of saying, Way of doing.

Every creation is part of the Way and at the same time gives birth to Ways. He walks the streets and explores paths. He sleeps in puddles and wakes up in the oceans. It hits and is hit, it receives, it repeats, it recycles, it stands out.

In a second your gaze will not be the same and everything you wanted to say may not be said.

Time has a Way to Shake You.

The opening of the exhibition will take place on Friday, November 6.

The exhibition includes 18 images, the product of the artist’s ten years of photography with mysteries. Emotion, snapshots and a special aesthetic are the elements that compose the atmosphere of the images, combined with the photographer’s constant effort to bend the rules and stereotypes that describe the commercial approach of the genre.

Info: Fabrica Artspace, 125 Meg. Alexandrou & Evrymedontos, Keramikos.