Mourning Does Not Fit Alice – Alisiva – from 10 to 25/05

τεχνοχώρος φάμπρικα, το πένθος δεν ταιριάζει στην Αλίκη, παραστάσεις 2019
Mourning Does Not Fit Alice – Alisiva – from 10 to 25/05
Fabrica Art Space and the Multi-active Art Group Fabrica Athens host on their theatrical stage the play “Mourning Does Not Fit Alice”.

The Theatrical Performance “Mourning Does Not Fit Alice” by the Alisiva group is hosted at the Fabrica Theater Stage.

Thoughts on the project…

Mourning does not suit Alice is a romantic comedy, an emotional humorous text that aims at the good that we all have inside. A story of interpersonal relationships, in the context of the innocence and sincerity of emotions, emanating from true love, without profit and personal benefit.

In the plot of the play, human relationships play an important role, guided by truth, emotion and humor. In a parallel context, everything is presented through the prism of social stereotypes, which in a way do not allow us to express ourselves truly, genuinely and uniquely on all the manifestations of life that we experience every day, in our microcosm.

Two cousins live together in the same house and experience the grief of one of them, Aliki, after the loss of her husband. Alice seems to be losing her mind as she waits and recognizes her husband’s spirit in the eyes of a sparrow! Will Virginia’s rational cousin be able to bring her back to the world of the living, leaving behind the world of the dead? Will she manage to make her cousin truly love again?

If love goes through the stomach, then Alice has another hope…

Directed by: Katerina Isichidou
Assistant Director: Antonis Peramantzis
Interpretation: Fotini Alevizou, Ioulia Gerou, Amalia Konstantinidou, Angeliki Louki, Antonis Peramantzis
Friendly Participation: Dimitris Platis
Lighting Supervision: Spyros Papadimitriou
Art & Scenography Editing: Fotini Alevizou
Scenery Construction: Antonis Dimitoglou
Graphic Design Design: Vangelis Kalaitzis
Video: Dimitris Loukakos
Photo: Amalia Fagogeni

When: every Friday and Saturday from 10 to 25 May
Time: 21:30
Ticket: Admission with Free Contribution
Reservations: 69 76 69 37 65 (Reservation required)
Venue: Fabrica Theater Stage – Fabrica Theater Stage

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