“Mother F * cker” a black comedy by Giannis Sofikitis

τεχνοχώρος φάμπρικα
“Mother F * cker” a black comedy by Giannis Sofikitis
From 07/02/2016 every Sunday at 19:00

A black comedy completely attached to the oral stage

Let us not be fooled: People have issues. Unresolved issues. Makis also has issues. Makis, a lawyer in his thirties. His case could have come from a book by a first-year psychology student: “psychosis and obsession with the mother’s face”. Makis suffers from the well-known and beloved “Oedipus complex”. That’s why his steps lead him to Antigone’s office. Antigone is a psychologist. Approaching thirty. And she just opened her new doctor’s office. Antigone wants to help him. That is why she accepts him without an appointment, violating any professional ethics. Antigone, however, is human…. And what about people? They have issues. Unresolved issues. And this will inevitably lead to a conflict of issues. In a thematic conflict, one might say. Who will be the winner? Can there even be a winner? The answer may surprise you. Or not.

Mother F * cker: A black comedy completely attached to the oral stage. A show for those who have issues with their mom. Or their dad. Or with their relationships. A show for everyone, that is. So keep your positions up to date. Demand is projected to be high…

Title: Moher F * cker
Genre: Black Comedy
Duration: 55 minutes.
Text-Direction: Giannis Sofikitis.
Cast: Marilena Kavazi, Michalis Fragiadakis.

“Fabrica” Art Space
Alexander the Great 125 and Eurymedon

Reservations: 21 0341 165, 694 712 5955
Admission with Free Contribution.